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Hello, I’m Alison J Prince

I went from being a Jr. High Teacher to building 4 multi-million dollar online brands, all while being a wife and mother to 4… I want to show you how easy it can be to generate extra income, while juggling your every day life.

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I bet our stories aren't all that different… 

Before I was the founder of 4 multi-million dollar businesses

I was a public-school teacher with a baby on one hip, a husband finishing school, and a salary that qualified us for government assistance.

 Founding these businesses wasn’t just about more money in the bank—

though, ahem, it definitely was in part about that—it was about providing the future for our family we’ve always dreamed about.

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That's the thing…

my story isn’t just about what I did … it’s about why I did it.

It’s about my FAMILY. The paycheck-to-paycheck life had my husband, Jared, and I obsessively budgeting to afford everything we needed, let alone anything extra we wanted. We lived pretty tight with our money: no food without coupons, no furniture without garage sale shopping … and definitely no purchases we didn’t plan for.

I’d joyfully chosen to be home with our kids—leaving behind my career in the classroom teaching math and science—but it wasn’t lost on me that if I hadn’t stayed home, the cost of childcare would’ve been MORE than I was bringing home in my paycheck.

We were stuck—even though I felt like we were doing everything right!

Until one day … 

I glanced at the corner of my makeshift-office to see a pile of crafting scraps and the rest is history.

My story isn’t just about me

2002 My Beginning

My husband was in school studying physical therapy and we’d just had our first baby—I got darn good at budgeting, saving, and finding all the good deals. After all, we were living on my public-school-teacher salary—which imagine my surprise when I discovered that $28k income qualified our little family of three for government assistance!

2009 The Side-Hustle Life

Once my hubs was out of school and working full time, I got the privilege of staying home with our kids! It was my dream come true to be a stay-at-home mom, BUT I also wanted an outlet for myself, and I wanted to help contribute financially to our family’s bottom line—whhiiiiich sounds a lot easier than it actually was.

I started a blog with friends but it wasn’t bringing in much money yet*, I started to feel like the only way to make money was to get a part-time job outside my home that kept me away from my kiddos—exactly NOT what I wanted.


2010 Turning trash into cash

Nestled in the corner of my office, sat a pile of craft supplies leftover from a few projects I’d done. It was a bunch of leftover vinyl, and I had zero use for it—but even though I was willing to toss it, it wasn’t exactly trash. 

And so, one-handed while breastfeeding my youngest baby, I listed that “trash” online to see if I could turn it into cash. If you could’ve only HEARD the thoughts running through my mind. I clicked my index finger to release them into the world, and then I all but RAN away from my computer to begin our family’s morning routine. *ding* … *ding* … *DING DING DING DING* 

Whatever toy was malfunctioning somewhere in my home was getting annoying—but I didn’t have time to find it. “What’s that dinging?!” I asked my innocent husband. He took off to investigate. It wasn’t a toy—it was sales. 

“That ding is people buying your stuff!” 

I burst into tears. It had worked. I had made money from home while caring for my kiddos. But, ummm .. NOW WHAT?

2015 Sooo THAT happened …

Over the next few years, I taught myself how to grow that first business into multi-million in revenue.  Yes, the one that I started by selling stuff from around my house.   I was helping to provide for my family—and I was having FUN!  By this time, my blog was picking up the pace and we'd reached over a million in revenue as well.  Then I knew it was time.  I launched my 3rd business because I'd realized there was a way to work where I didn’t have to give up my whole day, or even work when I didn’t want to (except I usually wanted to!) instead, I could balance my work between nap times, school and our other family commitments.  

That 3rd business is also how I decided to test my one(ish)-hit-wonder fears. 

I started selling pillows without telling anyone but my husband—when it hit a million in sales, I knew I’d found a system that worked and could be replicated  … I realized that everything I’d built—what I’d accomplished was something I could TEACH— except instead of science and math, this time I could teach people just like me to change their LIVES. 

Buttttt, an issue arose.  My other businesses allowed me to hang out behind the screen.  Teaching online and becoming the face of the company so I could start educating kept me from hitting the publish button for about two years.  

alisonjprince-making money online from home

2015 My kids just made $100K

Because it’s the kind of *cool* parents we are … Jared and I entered into negotiations with our 10- and 13-year-old daughters, Bridges and Makayla. It was time they started getting their tushes out of bed before noon on the weekends and doing something productive—so we offered them an excellent deal: they could do more chores, start their own business or they could move out. 😉 

They’d helped me pack & ship orders, celebrate sales & big goals, and they’d even seen a few of my biggest mistakes—but when it came to doing it themselves, they had their doubts. But, faced with the alternative of more chores or moving out of Mom and Dad’s house, they decided to take the deal. (Pssst. Thank goodness they didn’t call our bluff on the moving out!!!)

We believed they could do it, so we loaned them a cool $200 to buy their starting inventory and coached them through the whole thing.  9 months later—they’d made $100K!

Our KIDS had done it, too! And virtually all by themselves—after all, I was busy running a few businesses of my own. They HAD to do it on their own.

Sure, I’d taught them the methods, but they’d put in the work. This was their money, and short of paying back our investment—with interest!—they got to put it in their pockets (and bank accounts) where it belonged.



2017 Because I Can Life

After my girls, I shared first with my sister when she asked me to teach her the process and made $120k in 9 months—enough to adopt her baby. Friends I saw at a craft show where they made only $80 used my system to earn $35.5k in their first 3 weeks—and have since gone on to hit the multi-million dollar level in biz. 

I knew that the knowledge I had been given was meant for so many others.

With God as my business partner, he gave the big ol' push I needed to get out of my head and start hitting that publish button so I could share my journey to help others with their financial goals as well and started the Because I CAN Life.


2020 Today

What started 10 years ago by starting to help my family have the financial freedom to do a bit more has today equipped more than 6,000 people to do things like take dream vacations, avoid going into debt, build homes, retire early,  and SO MUCH MORE because the have the tools and community to become a success.

We've also donated over 1,950 micro business loans to date as we've teamed up with Hope International and plan on growing that number to 10,000.


alisonjprince-online business coach

here’s the deal

Here's the Deal

If I could go back and hug 2009 Alison and tell her all about it—she’d never believe me. 

But really, if I could tell her just one thing, it would be to believe that she could do it. 


Because SHE CAN. 


She can do hard things. She can make mistakes & figure out how to fix them. 

She can build four million-dollar businesses—all starting from an idea she wasn’t sure would make a dime

And, most importantly, she can teach thousands of people how to change their lives just like she did. 

That, my friends, is the Because I Can Life.

About me

I Really am a regular, everyday mom.

It’s exactly what I always wanted to be … buttttt I’m also a Chick-fil-A-obsessed lover of long runs and travel—my favorite place to be is at home—butttt I’ve also been to China 9 times now! 

Since moving to Puerto Rico I’ve been working on appreciating lizards (!!!) and air conditioning—as well as a good midday trip down to the beach.

About family

My Family &
How you'll meet them


My husband, best friend and biggest fan. We’ve been married since 1999, and we still flirt so much our kids get annoyed with us. Whatever. Jared’s a physical therapist turned Because I Can mentor—he helps coach all of our students through things like shipping, business setup, DBAs, and brain & body health. He’s a big fan of celery juice, and when he’s not working you can catch him riding his bike around the island.


Our daughters: founders of their own 100K business, and lovers of all things cooking & baking. My oldest daughter, Makayla, has presented on stage at FunnelHackers Live, and genuinely believes I *tricked* her into starting a business. (I call that parenting!) Her signature recipe: cinnamon rolls. Bridges loves making vegan meals and flirting with boys *cue eye roll* … and can always be depended upon to bring in the sunshine—she’s a happy girl!


They’re not quite official members of the 0-100K club—though I guess we could credit Lucas since he was right there with me when I sold those leftover craft supplies. For now, they’re our resident comedians—always making us laugh! They’re always building with Lego and playing Minecraft—and asking us relentlessly when they can start their own business. (Technically, though, they did sell rocks when they were little, so I guess they’re already businessmen.)  

Not Just My Family… our family, too


Culture | Community | Accountability

Everyone who dives into one of my challenges or systems becomes part of the Because I Can Fam—the kind of family who champions one another, celebrates each others’ achievements as if they’re our own, and supports each other through challenges along the way. 

Want to learn more about how we built our businesses—and how you could build your own?

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Mmm… A gallon of Chick-Fil-a Diet Lemonade (no cup needed. Just bring me a straw).


Reruns of Modern Family


With my husband and kids.


I don’t think I can count that high.


Essentialism By Greg McKeown


With 4 kids… it’s always up in the air.


Dancing and singing with each other in the kitchen are daily essentials.


Eat a burger in Barcelona. Hello Heaven.

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