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Alison J Prince holds her closed laptop as she prepares to talk about product descriptions

How to Craft Compelling Product Descriptions

Picture this: you’re strolling through a virtual marketplace, and you stumble upon product descriptions that read like the fine print on a shampoo bottle. Confused, you scratch your head, wondering if you accidentally wandered into some sort of secret society instead of product promotions. Fear not, my friend, because we’re going

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Alison J. Prince looks at her laptop.

Selling Products Online in 2023

If you’re thinking about selling products online in 2023, that’s great news! Ecommerce offers such great opportunities for you; in fact, it’s been a lucrative venture for a lot of people for a lot of years. And just in case you’re wondering, there ABSOLUTELY room for you even if you

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Alison J. Prince stands in front of a wooden door, ready to open it.

The Power of Pricing Psychology in Ecommerce

Pricing psychology is a strategy that should never be underestimated–especially in the competitive world of ecommerce. There are different strategies to achieve increased revenues, but in this article, we’ll be specifically unraveling the influence of pricing psychology. How you price your products can significantly influence consumer behavior and purchasing decisions. We’ll

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Alison J. Prince points to her phone. The screen is shown to the camera.

Are These on Your List Too? Best Books for Biz Owners

Whether you’re a beginner entrepreneur or one who is a little more seasoned, you probably already know that it’s a job that requires you to constantly be learning—even if sometimes you’re doing it on your own. I am constantly looking for blogs, podcasts, and articles that can help me improve

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Alison J. Prince

Why Selling on Amazon Scares Me

I’ll admit…selling on Amazon can make selling online ‘easier’.  You don’t have to set up an online store, build an email list, buy a URL, avoid zero social media, take super plain pictures, not need creativity for lifestyle pics,  and so much more. You can set up your shop within

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Alison J. Prince is photographed presenting during her 2019 in-person conference.

Should I Quit My Job to Sell Online?

Aaargh!  Why is it that so many people seem to believe that just because someone has done something first that automatically the market must be saturated. And  I get this question all the time: ‘I’m afraid to quit my job and start selling online because there are too many people

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Alison J. Prince and Makayla Prince.

Kiss Your Design Goodbye: Shopify Store Makeover

Think you should kiss your shop layout goodbye?  It’s time to break it all down! Shopify is one of the best (I think THE best) e-commerce platforms on the market now, especially for entrepreneurs who are just getting their online product stores started. But just setting up a Shopify store

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Alison J. Prince

11.4 Must-Have Free Online Business Tools

There are free online business tools? Yes, free forever! Okay, so no matter what do you in business, there are business tools you’re going to use, right? I mean, if you are a carpenter, you need a saw, and if you’re a plumber you need a plunger or something, right?

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