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Here are a few questions I get on the reg!

Do you do one-on-one coaching?

You might’ve read somewhere I like to maximize my time—and just like back when I was a school teacher and a tutor, I learned one-on-one time means my hours are capped. Inside my Insiders program, members get one-on-one coaching, but that’s after putting in quiiiite a bit of time doing the work on their own.

Can I really make 100K using your programs?

Short answer: Yes—plenty of people have done it. But, there’s a catch: YOU have to put in the work. If you work the system, and you stay consistent, I absolutely believe the possibilities are endless. If you don't, well … that’s another story. 100K will not magically appear in your bank account just because you enroll in my programs. Simple as that.

You did what now?

I quit my job as a public school teacher to be a stay at home mom—but when my husband’s full time salary wasn’t quite enough for our family of six to get off the hamster wheel of paycheck-to-paycheck life, I decided to sell a pile of leftover craft supplies and I turned trash into cash. From there, I built 4 multi-million dollar businesses all while raising 4 kids, and taking a shower most days. Oh, and we moved from Utah to Puerto Rico in 2019. Yes, we love it here.

Did your KIDS really make 100K or did you do it for them?

My husband and I loaned our 10- and 13-year-old (at the time) daughters a little over $200 to get started selling infinity scarves back when those were all the rage. We coached them through the 0-100K system—just like we do for all of our students—and they made $100K … before they finished junior high! Oh, and they paid back that original investment with interest.

Okay, but I’m just a mom. Is this for me?

First of all, you’re not *just* anything—you are smart, capable, and totally worth investing in. This is about your life, your dreams, and your future. You can do anything you set your mind to—with help, guidance, and support, of course. Plus, there’s more than 5,000 people who’ve done this too waiting to cheer you on—Because YOU can!

But I’m scared and have absolutely no idea how to do ANY of this.

Yep … I’ve been right where you’re at. And, if you’re willing to put in the work, I’m here to show you the way. Not interested in a little elbow grease? Then it’s not for you.

Anything else, just reach out and ask.

We might be at the beach or hiding from iguanas, but someone will get back to you ASAP.

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