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Contrast and Cash | Business Owner vs. Employee

Entrepreneur or Employee?

My daughter and I are talking about earning money and the epiphanies that were going off in her head recently.  You can watch our discussion about entrepreneurship and being a business owner vs. being an employee. We talk about how contrast can really help kids, even adults, learn so much more. 

The Contrast of Entrepreneurship Versus Being an Employee

Jared and I decided that when our kids turn about 12 years old, they get to start buying their own clothes. For four years, Makayla has had her business, and she's able to get enough money to go buy her own clothes, but this year was a little bit different.  Her whole summer was taken up with band, and she didn't have money to buy school clothes.  

So, she went and worked for us in our warehouse for $8.00 an hour.  You can watch the video to see what happened then and what she discovered about being an employee.

We started talking about entrepreneurship versus working for someone else. You could see these little gears in her mind just start turning, the little entrepreneur gears.   If I work my guts out for someone else, I can only make so much. If I work for my own company and my own business, the sky is the limit. I think the best part of this conversation and experience was the contrast. The contrast of working for someone versus having your own business.

Are You or Your Kids Interested in Entrepreneurship?

If your kids are super excited about entrepreneurship, or if they've got the little slightest interest, then Makayla would tell them to go for it!  Just do it!  The same is true if you are interested in owning your own business so you can stop being an employee.  This experience is something that I think she'll remember for the rest of her life. You guys, get out there. Start your businesses. Live that Because I Can life and live the dream that you've always wanted to. Why? Because you can.

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