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What is the Fastest Way to Find Influencers to Grow Your Brand?

What is the fastest way to find influencers to grow your brand? Well, I've got a great way to not only find them quickly but to keep them all organized so you can knock this out and focus on what matters! Grow your business, sell products, and make money online!

The fastest way to find influencers photo with Alison J Prince

Three Things I'm Incredibly Excited to Share With You

I have three awesome things for you this week that I am so incredibly excited to share with you in this video. Number one, I'm gonna talk about Pinner's Conference and the most amazing products that I found there. Number two, I'm gonna show you the best, fastest, easiest way to find influencers to work with, to help grow your brand. Seriously, so awesome. Then number three is 322 kids in a band. And one of them is Makayla, yay! The Macy's Day Parade is just right around the corner, so they're prepping for that.

This is the Fastest Way to Find Influencers to Grow Your Brand

I'm super excited to show you Webstagram. I know you can do this on your phone, but sometimes when you do it on your phone, you just can't keep it organized, and it's hard to put in a list. It's hard to follow up on your phone, so I'm gonna show you an awesome way to do it. So you go to Webstagram and click on it. I have a specific product in mind that I'm trying to find influencers that will help advertise my product. Now, this product that I have is more for kids,  so I want to find some mom bloggers. I'm gonna put “mom blogger” in search and then it's going to pull up a bunch of hashtags that have “mom blogger” in it.

I click on one of the hashtags and mom bloggers are going to pop up. Now every time I come in, every time I've tested it, the related hashtags change which is so cool because you're constantly getting new hashtags. They are literally handing us so much information.  I can scroll through and find my exact target audience.  Once you find your target audience you are going to look to see that they have likes, but more importantly that they have comments.  If there are no comments, you're not going to convert. It won't work.

Once You've Found Your Influencers You Need to Organize Them

There are some things that I'm going to do to make sure I keep all my information in one spot because that's the hardest part. Once you have found an influencer in your target market, copy and paste the name from Webstagram and then go into Instagram and search for the influencers account. You can usually find the email of the influencer in the collaborations section of their account.         

  What I do is I create a Google sheet, just a simple Google sheet.  I have columns for the link to the influencers Instagram account along with their name and email.  Add columns for the number of followers and one to check off when I have contacted the influencer.  Also, add one for their fee and whether they will do an affiliate instead of a flat fee. Next, have I sent them a sample or not?  You can also add a column for the coupon code you set up for their readers.  Another for conversion.  After all is said and done, did it convert and at what percentage?  Lastly, add a column for whether or not you will repeat with this Instagrammer.  Do you want to make this a long-term relationship?   

I'd put all the information in, and then I would start contacting them so they could do promotions for you. This is a seriously amazing, fast way to find influencers and get them going to promote your product.       

Go Deeper and Build Your Business and Your Brand

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