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Generating More Income With Automation

Do you ever think about how much easier it is for people like you and me to be generating more income than it was for our grandparents—and even our parents? It used to be incredibly rare for an everyday somebody to earn money without having to exchange a certain amount of time for a certain amount of money.

Today, online sales made possible by automation and systems have changed our ability to be earning more income whether we’re at our desks, taking a nap or spending time with our families.

 Let me give you an example of how life used to be: my grandpa.

 Grandpa and Grandma were married for more than 70 years—can you believe that?  And in their lifetime, they raised a family on the money that Grandpa pulled in working hard, manual labor in an autobody shop.

 His hands were his tools, and he used them well, writing bids, hammering out dents, and replacing fenders.

 When he worked, he got paid.

 When he went home, the money stopped.

 Sound familiar? 

I get it—so many people have been brought up to believe that getting a paycheck based on the hours you work in a day, a week or a month is the right thing.

Hard work absolutely is important! We all need to work hard for the things we have in life. And there is ZERO wrong about doing manual work or any other type of work for that matter. Especially if you love it.

But why is the ONLY way to earn MONEY tied to how exact many HOURS you put in?

Psst!  It’s not. 


Within the first year of launching my online store, I almost generated more income in two years than Grandpa earned at the autobody shop in his entire career

Yep—read that again.  

Two years of my online business almost earned me more than he did putting in decades of incredibly grueling work with those incredibly strong hands of his.

And my tools?  Systems and automation.

Those two things have made generating more income easier for people in pretty much every corner of the world. With the right systems and the right kinds of automation, you can be selling products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can be earning money literally while you’re sleeping.

Does it take effort?  Yes.

Does it take some work? Yes.

Does it take time? Yes.

You have to put in all three to get the systems and automation set up for your online store. But once they’re working, you can be spending a few hours a week generating more income for yourself and your family than you would be if you worked full-time for somebody else.  

generating more income with automation

Grandpa had retired when I launched my online business. He and Grandma would come to visit me from time to time to check up on me (and get a piece of Laffy Taffy or two).  He’d shake his head and laugh at how things had changed “since his day”. But I knew he was proud of me for working hard. And of course, for choosing the right tools to get the job done.

Let me show you what worked for me and how the exact same tools are working for so many other people who have started and grown their online businesses. I want you to see that with the right systems and automation, it’s possible for you to increase your income too. 

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