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How Much Things Cost in Thailand!


how much things cost in thailand

How Much Things Cost in Thailand

This site is about money and travel so what better way to kick off a post about Thailand then one that tells how much things cost!?!  Money fascinates me as I'm sure you can tell by the posts on the site.   AND if you are still reading I'm guessing it intrigues you too.

The last 3 weeks I was able to spend in Thailand with my family.  The Prince Parade.  All 6 of us traveling in and out of customs, sleeping in hotels, bunglos, and on the floor in a home located in a remote village.  Together we managed to collect over 400 bug/mosquito bites and not one of us came down with any illness.  None.  Nada.  Zero.  Knock on wood, but I'd call that a flaming success!

Over the next few weeks, I'll break down certain parts of the trip.

Including this one:  How much things cost in Thailand.

I'll also be adding:  What do do with kids in Thailand,

The last one will be explaining our volunteer work in Thailand.

Oh, I did a post of the top things to do in Chiang Mai a few weeks ago.  You can read how Thailand scared the heck out of me, but now it's one of my favorite places to visit in the world.  If you have an ounce of interest in visiting Thailand, hopefully the prices that things cost will push you over the edge to make it a reality!

GO GO Go…and drink a mango smoothie (or two) for me.

Now it's time for you to live your becauseicanclan life and visit Thailand or wherever else you've dreamed!


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