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How to Color Hack | Find the Perfect Colors for Your Brand

Find the perfect colors for your brand by learning how to color hack. Find the exact color that your favorite websites are using to create your branding! Take it to the next level and find out the new trending colors for your next product line!

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Learn How to Color Hack to Find Your Perfect Brand Colors

I've got three things for you in this video. Number one involves showing you what about $20,000 of inventory looks like for one of my businesses. The second thing, I'm going to show you how to color hack, so you can get the perfect colors for your website, or for your product design. And then, number three, I'm going to show you what the Prince family does when there's a power outage.

Here we go. I'm going to show you how to color hack in order to find those perfect colors for either your website or your new products that you want to launch. So, all we need is basically three things. Number one, you need the ColorPick Eyedropper, it's a Chrome extension, so you have to be on Chrome for this to work.

Then you're going to go to Pinterest. All I did was look up color schemes, so you can create your beautiful product or your beautiful site.  So, I'm going to show you how you can find the exact colors so that you can use them on your site. This is why I call it a color hack, okay? You're going to click on the extension and then you are going to put your cursor over the color that you want. It gives you what's called a hex code.

Create Your Brand Color Palette Using Hex Codes

So, you're going to copy the hex code and save it.  I keep a lot of my stuff in Canva, so I would log in to Canva and create a new color palette.  You can paste all of the hex codes for your brand colors into the color palette and then save them so that you always have your brand colors available.

I can keep everything consistent, everything stays the same, and it just helps with your branding to keep it all the same. So, this is the color hack that I absolutely use all the time, and love it.  It's magical, so go do it!
And you want to know one more thing? Let's say you're trying to hack somebody's website, right? The colors of someone's website, you absolutely love them. You can do this on someone's website. If you find a website with colors you love, you can find out the exact colors they are using. You can make your sites and products absolutely magical because you learned how to color hack.

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