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How I’ve flown for FREE for 5 years on family vacations + TIPS to save when traveling!

How To Fly For Free

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I'm so buzzing with excitement for this post is on how to fly for free!   The last 5 years has been incredible for us as we haven't had to pay for any flights on our vacations! We've been to St. Thomas, St. John, Cabo, Hawaii (2 x's), DisneyLand, Disney World, and we are headed to Thailand and New York before the year is over!  My hope on this post isn't to brag, but it's to let you know how my family travels for free so you can do it too and come with us!  Where do you want to go?  Come on!  Let's make our bucket list together!

Iceland, Peru, The Gallopagos Islands…let's do it.  AND let's go for free!

Set up your business correctly.

Get a specific bank account just for your business, then set up a credit card with sky miles.  Do a cash back one and you'll end up just paying bills.  Come on…do something fun.  Make those benefits go to befitting you and your family!    Have everything you possibly can roll into this card.  A word of caution, make sure to pay it off before interest starts accruing.  If that happened, the free flights would get expensive.

My fave cc with sky miles:

  1. Capital One
  2. American Express (although their system is super hard to redeem)
  3. USBank

Now go apply and start racking up those points #becauseican travel the world!

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