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How to generate leads – 10 WAYS!

how to generate leads

How to generate leads?

How to generate leads?

Hello, is it leads your looking for?  Good.  We all can benefit from generating more leads.  Leads = Customers = Sales

Here are my top 10 ways on how to generate leads.

  1.  Share.  Two dollars for breakfast wasn't much, but pulling our resources together lead to TEN dollars helping us to eat like kings and queens!
  2. Email signature.   This one is so minor BUT it's huge for branding.  Put your name, business, and links in your auto signature in your emails.
  3. Bonus programs for customers.
  4. Call to action.
  5. Did someone say free? – Adults at a parade?
  6. Engage with social comments.
  7. Add a quiz.  Remember when you were a teen and took all the quizzes in the latest fashion magazine to help you determine your personality, what you were good at, or who your future husband would be!?!  Well, it's just moved on to social now instead of print.  Get your quizzes out on social.  Buzzfeed does it all the time!   In fact, they have an entire category around this goodness.   Here is a site that helps you to create them and it starts out at Free99 or quiz box is super easy too.
  8. Link.  Share your content on as many social platforms that you can (without burning out).  Remember, you don't need to be listing on the 10000000000 social sites out there, but your top 5 will do you wonders.  FB, IG, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter are good places to start.
  9. Put your links in all social media areas.  Like EVERY ONE.
  10. Be Consistent

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