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Creating a Perfect Product Launch | 11k in 7 Hours Part 1

I know there are tons of people out there who are wondering “How much can you make selling products online?”  Well, I sold $11,000 of products online in just 7 hours. Do I sell that much every day? Nope. Sometimes I sell waaaaay more. And sometimes I sell less. Because selling products online has ups and downs just like any other business.  So how do you launch a product online? The thing that you need to know is that it’s possible to build a successful, sustainable and profitable business selling products online. I do it, and I’m mentoring a lot of other people who are doing it too.

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This is part one of a five-part series and gives you five tips on how to launch a product online.

In my next few videos, I’m going to be teaching you all the steps you need to take to start selling products and how to launch a product online. This one? Well, this one is all about the LAUNCH.

Okay, what happens at midnight on January 31st every year?  We’re all standing there, watching a big ball drop (even if we’re just watching it on TV) and we’re chanting…





and then BOOM! We get down to the “1” and we yell and smooch and jump up and down and throw confetti everywhere.  It’s fun, and it’s exciting, right?! And the more people who are there to be a part of it, the better!

When you launch a product—or even when you launch your business—you want that same kind of excitement. You want people to look forward to that MOMENT when this thing they’ve been waiting for finally arrives.

So how do you create that kind of launch? How do you get people to be there?

Do a Countdown.  Yes—I’m serious. Just like watching that ball drop, I want you to create a countdown on your social media page whenever you are ready to roll out your business or introduce an exciting new product. Maybe 2 weeks ahead you mention that “something big is coming!” Three or four days later, you post a “We’re counting it down” and then you start counting it down—every day—about five days out.  Boom! Big impact! Lots of fun and excitement (and yes, it can earn you some attention for people who may not be familiar with your brand quite yet.) 

Sneak Peeks.  This is my favorite. People LOOOOOOOVE to be let in on a secret, right? They love to feel like their part of something. Give it to them. Show them a zoomed-in picture of your product. Highlight what colors your product will come in. Entice them with sneaky little phrases.  Build that excitement. 

Talk About Your Product.  **CAUTION** I don’t mean blab endlessly and try to sell. I mean share the story about the product. What’s cool about it, or what drew you to it? What benefits does it offer your buyer? Is it is silky? Modern? Trendy? How does it make you FEEL? That’s story selling. 

Roll out Some Testimonials.  Say it with me, friends!  Testimonials! And listen, your testimonials don’t have to be from somebody famous or high profile. They can be from your friends or family. Have them be real and authentic—encourage them to describe how they used it. For example, if you’re selling a children’s quiet book, maybe the testimonial is about how their baby just sat and played with it for 15 minutes, or how soft the pieces are that are included, or how there are the perfect activities to help develop fine motor skills. Make ‘em real. 

Share the Journey.  You guys, I don’t care WHO you are, you love to see the “behind the scenes” stuff just as much as I do. It’s interesting and fun and sometimes makes you raise your eyebrows. It also captures attention. Let your followers watch as you unbox products when they arrive. Capture your excitement so that it gets them excited too. And when it’s time for you to ship it to a buyer, document that as well. Show how you wrap it, the cool bag you use, the perfect little twine—whatever. Just share it.

how to launch a product online, how to launch a business, how to sell online

Okay—so now what?  Hah! You’ll find out in my next video. Suffice it to say that I’m going to be sharing with you how to attract more people and how to get the word out about your business and your products.  Seriously, don’t miss it.

PLUS, if you want to download a quick reference guide that lists these 5 tips on how to launch a product online, just click that link and one will wing its way to you in Facebook Messenger.


Wait, there is more!  This is just step one.  There are 4 other steps to maximize this sale.  In fact, I just got a message from a gal named Wendy who normally stops here, but decided to finish through all of the steps and went from an average of $600 per email to over $2,000.  She said she can't believe she's more than doubled her sales and has been leaving that much money on the table with each email she's sent out!

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