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Is Fear Stopping You From Success?

Overcoming fear is a big topic. Even thinking about fear is a big topic with me. I hate fear. Truly hate it. I hate how it stops people from doing the very things they should. Fear makes people give up, it makes them walk away from opportunities, it stops them from speaking out.  It kills their dreams. It stops them from success. That's why I want to talk about how to overcome the fear of failure.

Is Fear Stopping You From Success? Overcoming Fear by Alison Prince

Yep—I really hate fear. I truly believe that it’s Satan (or whatever word you prefer) getting in our heads and whispering lies to us about the people we AREN’T instead of the amazing individuals we ARE.  

So imagine—the night before ClanCon2019. It was a moment when I should be exhilarated about how far things had come and the amazing people that were going to speak and the remarkable experience people were going to have. I mean, my dreams were coming true! Fear should have been the LAST thing on my mind.

But there I was, sobbing in my car.

I’m talking the UGLY cry here, folks.  

Talking to my husband about how I didn’t know WHAT on earth I was thinking and WHO did I think I was to even consider doing all of this and HOW I was going to CANCEL.

And Jared listened. For two hours, he listened as I poured it all out.  And then he said something I’ll never forget. I share it in this video:

You guys, he was right. It WAS time. It was time for me to stop being so afraid and learn how to overcome the fear of failure. To kick it in the teeth and go do what I was MEANT to do.

And I did.  

I went out there, scared to death, with my heart in my throat.

And it changed my life.

It changed the way I dreamed.

Reminded me that everything I’d learned up to that point wasn’t about me. It wasn’t necessarily even about e-commerce or building your own online business. It was about helping the people in that room recognize that they had a right and reason to follow their dreams.

That they had the ability to change their life and their family’s lives.

That change is hard but AWESOME and that by changing we learn all of the things that we’re capable of.

Overcome fear to increase your opportunities for success by Alison J. Prince

I want you to know the same thing. If you dream of launching your own e-commerce business, do it. If you feel that selling those products online is right for you, do it. Live your dream. I can show you how.

And together, as we learn how to overcome the fear of failure, we can kick fear right in the teeth.


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