Using Influencers: How We Sold $12,000 in 36 Hours

One of the most important things I teach is how to use influencers to sell products.  We sold over $12,000 in 36 hours and we did it by using an influencer!

How to use influencers to sell products

Watch the Video to See How We Sold $12,000 in 36 Hours

I am super excited about this video because I've got three amazing, crazy, cool things to show you. Number one is Courtney's story and how she was able to streamline everything and build her business when her children were sleeping.  Number two, I'm going to show you how we sold over $12,000 in 36 hours, so you can do it too. And a third thing, it's a little different, but I'm going to show you how we did mermaid scales on Bridges, my daughter who's 13.

Learning How to Use Influencers to Sell Products

In the video above I've shown you the results of using an influencer to sell your products.  When we contacted this influencer, this influencer had never sold anything for me, and I actually never even talked to her. I had someone else in my company reach out to this influencer.  This process works, this system works time and time and time and time again. The influencer is so happy and has already contacted us to ask when we can do this again.  We are crazy happy and we've created this win-win situation that brought us $12,000 in 36 hours.

I Can Show You How to Use Influencers to Sell Products Too

If you want more information, I teach a free class. It’s Go check it out.  Learn how to build your own e-commerce business so you can change your life. It’s reality. It’s happening every single day.  I know, because I see it. So check it out.

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