Inner Circle: Top 5 Takeaways

Oh.My.Gosh! You guys, I got back from Russell Brunson's Inner Circle in Boise and my brain is loaded with so much amazing information that I cannot wait to share!

But before I do PLEASE write this down on a sticky and slap it on your computer or window or refrigerator or whatever: NEVER STOP LEARNING.

You might look at me and think that after all these years of selling online I know everything I need to. But let me tell you that e-commerce is an industry that is constantly changing and evolving. We all need to be able to know what’s happening now and what’s coming next in order to adapt.

Inner Circle Takeaways

Russell Brunson's Inner Circle Mastermind Group

So going to Boise and hanging out with amazing marketers from all over the world makes me wildly happy.

  • They have the same passion I do
  • We’re excited to exchange ideas about what’s working or what we’re seeing out there
  • If someone has made a mistake, they raise their hand and say it happened so that we can all learn from it
  • Everyone there is looking to improve their business and serve their customers better

Yes, I totally geek out—but it’s not just me, I promise. There is a lot of geeking in that room, I assure you.


My Top 5 Inner Circle Take-Aways

#1: Consider how to involve others in the purchase experience—not just your buyer.

The way it was presented was connecting kids with your brand.  Now, I’d apparently been doing this since approximately day one, but it never occurred to me what I was really doing OR the kind of connection it would build for my brand.

That darn Laffy Taffy thing. I’ve talked about how moms would tell me that their kids would grab packages with my logo on them because they knew that taffy was inside. They begged to get to open them or help their moms open them so they could snag that stretchy, sugary deliciousness inside.

And while their mom was looking at whatever she bought, they were reading jokes and laughing.

Is there a better experience than that?

No way! It made the arrival of MY product an event for my customer and her family. That’s awesome!

The kids might not have been excited about washi tape or whatever was in that package, but they were dang excited about the candy and wanted their mom to keep shopping with me. Huge win!!! (Thanks kids!)

But you guys, I’m not alone in doing this. Zulily has sent coloring cards in packages forever, and a friend of mind does a treasure hunt to put in the package. Both are interactive and designed to grab the attention of someone who hasn’t purchased anything from the company. IT WORKS!

Seriously, think about what you can do to engage more than just the customer who bought from you.

If you have a younger demographic that might not have kids, what could you send to engage their friends? Is there a “one for you, one for them” gift like earrings?  Or a sassy postcard they could send their friends?

Just think about what would be fun for you to send or receive if you were that person. It doesn’t have to be expensive—just engaging.  

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There are FOUR other amazing trends and ideas that were presented at Inner Circle and of course, I totally have a download for you because it’s pretty much my favorite thing to do in the world. 

Top 5 Takeaways - Click Funnels Inner Circle - Alison Prince

That having been said…I'm going to list them here, too.  Boom!

#2: Put testimonials on your store's “thank you” page.

One of the amazing presenters talked about the greater success she'd seen after doing this one simple thing.  By putting testimonials on the page, it reduces buyer remorse (and refund rates!) Why? Because people gain a greater comfort level with you and your brand.

#3: Bring content into your business strategy.

This is again something that I've done for a long time because once I started, it became a real game changer. Show people how to use your product and have fun with it. If you sell jewelry, show how to layer it. For crafty stuff, show the fun projects you can do with it. If you sell clothing, talk about how to accessorize it in a fun way. Placing ads will just never work as well as creating and sharing compelling content.

#4: Red shirts, dogs, babies, and eyebrow wiggling.

What the heck? Yep–research has shown that videos that include those things right there actually get more engagement! Now, I'm sure there are all sorts of science-y stuff around why, but ultimately, I'm guessing it's because these types of things capture attention. I mean…there are people around the globe who will spend hours watching puppy videos, right? You just can't pull away from all that cuteness, right?

(Now I can't wait to see all of the videos of everyone wiggling their eyebrows all over and dressed in weird red shirts!)

#5: Give.

Look for opportunities for your business to give back or pay things forward.  Let service be a part of your business model. Create a community around it. It's a great way to grow a company while also sharing the blessings. You have to love that, right?

And just be aware that there are some truly exciting, make-your-heart-feel-so-good things coming your way based on my Boise experience. I honestly cannot adequately express what I learned.  So much that has completely blown my mind and answered questions about how I can bring more to my business in ways I totally wasn’t sure would ever be possible.

To get a free download of the BIG takeaways that I got from Inner Circle Spring 2018 just click the link.  It will magically appear in your Messenger inbox!

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