The Free App That Adds Memes to My Facebook Videos

Hey everyone! I’m totally psyched to share a hack I’ve learned for posting videos on Facebook that totally get noticed. Listen, we all know that it’s gotten way harder to have our stuff show up on people’s feeds. That’s why it’s a MUST to do what we can to be noticed when we do have a chance to land in front of the people we want to sell to. One of the things I’ve been doing that has made a HUGE difference is adding a bar above the video I’m sharing and then adding fun graphics smack dab in the middle of them. The best part (seriously, you’ll love this!) is that it uses a FREE app called InShot that is super easy to learn.

editing videos using inshot

The first thing you’re going to want to do is download the app, which is called InShot.  Worry not, my friends—it’s available for both Apple and Android devices. (YAY!!!!!)

My video really does give you the awesomeness of a step-by-step, but here’s a fast run-down:

  1. Make your video using your phone or tablet. Hello, easy-peasy!
  2. Open InShot, choose your video and import it and choose the video.
  3. Once it’s imported, you can adjust the canvas size so that it fits the Facebook platform.
  4. Add a background color–I suggest something that matches your brand. Mine is turquoise, but yours could be purple or yellow or whatever. 
  5. Pop in some text to give viewers a quick “Hey! This is what you’re gonna see!”  
  6. Adjust the font style and the font color to something you like. 
  7. Move the text to the top of the video 
  8. Go really crazy and add emojis
  9. Adjust the length of time you want the emoji to appear on the video. 
  10. Save your video (click in the top righthand corner) 
  11. Add to your Facebook page.  Boom!

Seriously, this app makes it SO easy to personalize videos that are ideal for Facebook.  

You can use these meme-inspired videos to showcase a product, let your own followers know about an upcoming Facebook Live…or just help tell your brand story. The possibilities are freaking limitless!

(And can I just mention the whole “it’s FREE” thing again?)

Apps like InShot really are a gift to e-commerce business owners—especially when you’re just getting started. There may be a day when you want (and need) to pay a professional videographer and video editor to create high-quality videos for your business. But right now, when you’re in the early stages, aren’t you glad to know that you can create attention-grabbing posts that capture the excitement you have for your products?

Alison Prince - Make Memes in Your Facebook Videos

Click the link to get a free download that gives you all my tips and tricks on using InShot to edit your videos.

E-commerce is an amazing opportunity—one that has changed my life in wonderful ways.  This is one more thing that is making it easier for more people to become an online entrepreneur…so go ahead, check it out and tell me what you think!

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