What Do I Need To Start An Online Shop?

What you need to start an online shop today!

See the title of this post? I think I must have searched that very phrase (or at least something dang close to it) about a bajillion times when I was setting up my first online business.

And let me tell you—there actually wasn’t a whole heck of a lot to be found when I was looking.

Well, that’s not actually true. When I was looking to start an e-commerce business there were a few things out there but everything seemed so freaking dang expensive.  (And heaven only knows I didn’t have stacks of cash waiting around to invest.

So I decided to share the basics of what you REALLY need to get your own business started and the ball rolling in this magical world of e-commerce today to help you live the BecauseICan CLAN life and sell products when you are sleeping or on vacation!  Yes, Please. 

And here’s what I seriously want you to know: these are the things I personally use today. They’ve kinda been my secret weapon in building 4 multi-million dollar online businesses (say that four times fast!).

You also need to know that there are some affiliate links included. It doesn’t cost you anything extra (pinky swear!) if you choose to use these tools. PLUS pretty much any compensation I receive is dumped right back into making more resources for you!

So let’s answer that big question: What do I need to set up an ecommerce (online) shop?

First: A Shopping Cart

Your clients need a way to purchase your stuff, right? Otherwise, it’s kinda like you walked into Target, found a bunch of great stuff…and then all of the cash registers disappeared. 

Now there are lots of options out there, but there are two that have consistently performed for me: Shopify and ClickFunnels.  The difference between the two is that Shopify is awesome as a basic shopping platform and you can have lots of different products. ClickFunnels isn’t designed for lots of different products—but it’s perfect as a way to promote your top-selling product and drive them back to a Shopify site.

Second: Email

So you need to be able to communicate with your customers, right? And yes, people still read emails—especially from brands they adore.  When you’re getting started, I recommend MailChimp because you get up to 2000 FOR FREE.  (Free is my favorite, BTW.) 

If you have over 2,000 emails then I recommend Active Campaign.

Third: Logos and random design work

The answer is….Fiverr

Word to the wise: set a timer for this site.  You can seriously get lost over there, scrolling through things like seeing what language people can sing ‘happy birthday' in or how many ways you can be drawn as a lego cartoon character. Stay focused, my friend.


Fourth: Technology and Gadgets

People have so, so, SO many questions on this one, so here’s the breakdown

  • Camera: I use the  Mark 5D III  and the lens I use 99% of the time is the Canon 35mm.  It is a bit heavier but absolutely worth it!  Pictures sell products!
  • Lighting: Lighting for videos is so critical. My number one choice of lights is NATURAL!  Go outside in the shade.  Not only will you get stunning pic, but you'll also save cash and burn 10 extra calories by walking outside!  Second best would be the diva light, which is fan-freaking-tastic.  I use it in when I'm doing Facebook Lives or videos because it makes my skin look about 1 million times better. I also like to add in the cowboy lighting set. for videos and sometimes for product shots because it really makes things pop. 
  • Computer: I admit it—I’m an Apple sort of girl. The phone, the laptop, and now a desktop. I love them.
  • Video Editing Software:  iMovie comes with Apple products so that’s what I use. Also—I keep the videos simple. 

(By the way—if you’re an Android/PC person, don’t freak out. There are some great options out there for photo editing, video creation and more. I just haven’t used them very often.)


All the Legal Stuff

If you don't have an LLC, drop everything you are doing and get one NOW!  This is vital to your business. I’ve had great luck with Legal Zoom and highly recommend it.

Also, go get an EIN as quickly as possible. It’s all right on the IRS site, takes just a couple of minutes and is totally free.

These are both musts when protecting your personal from your business.  They are easy to get and very worth it if heaven forbid…anything were to come up.


I call Otis.  He's the one for this gig.  His info is at the bottom of the site.  Sample7.  He's my wordpress hero as he fixes everything I break.


So glad you are here!  I'm thrilled you are going to start living your BecuaseICan Clan journey and make money when you sleep (or play)!

Excited to watch you grow!





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