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How to NOT Lose $2700 + Deal Site Tips

I wish I would have known to test products first before spending $3,000 on a product that didn't/wouldn't sell. Don't do a ‘watermelon bomb' like I did! PLUS learn deal site tips and why deal sites can be a great thing for your business!

deal site tips and how not to lose $2700

Deal Site Tips, Emily's Story and How Not to Lose $2700

I have five awesome things for you today to help you get started to grow your business. I've also included a little bonus on how to not lose $2,700 dollars. The first one is going to be Emily's story. We're going to get an update on Emily and see how she is doing.  I've also brought in Teisha, my head buyer at Pick Your Plum and she is going to give you three tips on how to get featured on a deal site.  So, get to watching because this video is filled with so much goodness!


Okay. So there you go. There are the reasons why deal sites can be beneficial to help you start, grow, or learn what your business is about. There's little risk involved by not having to put a whole bunch of time, effort, and energy into it while you find out if the market and if your customers want your product.

So go out there, try little things on deal sites and then once you've proven it with your customers, once you've proven that they like that, then you start building your platforms and growing your million dollar company. You guys, we've done this over and over again. It works. This is a proven process, a proven strategy. So go live your Because I Can Clan life.  Go over, watch the master class, get involved, and make this your reality.


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