One Little Thing = $23,943 + Matt and Joe


It's crazy to me to think one little thing (one little thing) could bring in an extra $23,943 in sales.  So crazy, in fact, that it was the focus of this video.  Can you imagine what that extra chunk of change could do for your business?  Pretty dang cool that this stuff really happens.  I still sometimes scratch my head that this is a reality.  I added in Matt and Joe's update to their business journey story + Grandpa on a mule!  That was pretty fun to drive him around on that Mule.  His smile makes my heart so happy.   The last thing I cover is my Makayla still selling scarves in the dead heat of summer!  That's rock star status in my eyes.  Get to it.  Watch the video and then get to work.  You've got to create your extra cashola!

Here is the transcription if ya want to read it vs watch it.  Looking at it this way, makes it look like I'm going to turn it into a play.  Ya, nope.  That won't happen.


Me- Hey, guys, this is Alison. So I've got four things for you today. One is a secret. A secret, on how I brought in an extra $23,000 in sales, with one little trick. It's so easy. I'm so excited to share it with you guys. Number two, an update on Matt and Joe, which, you guys, super life-changing. I'm so excited for them. Number three… I had to look at my notes. I had to cheat. Is how a little teenager that we know is still selling scarves in the middle of July. She is a rockstar. She's still selling her scarves in the hottest day of the month. And then the fourth one, is grandpa on a mule. So don't forget, thumbs up, subscribe. And let's get going. Jared and I are headed over to, we're going to lunch at Chick-fil-A with Matt and Joe. We're pretty excitedto see 'em. I love, like, love Chick-fil-A. Jared…

Jared; Not so much.

Me- Not a fan? I don't know, his taste buds are broken or something. What is wrong with him? Because Chick-fil-A is the best place in the world.

Jared- There are other better places for sure. We just passed like four of them.

Me- No way, Chick-fil-A lemonade, and french fries…

Joe- Hey, you guys, this is Joe Cheney and Matt Evans from Rusted Orange Craftworks Company. Just gonna give you a little quick update as to how our company's doing and following the Alison plan of excellence that we like to call it. But you guys,

Matt- The Alison plan for success.

Joe- The Prince plan for success. You guys, it's been phenomenal. About three months ago I just quit my job, finally. Full time, doing Rusted Orange Craftworks stuff and Matt hopefully, at some point in the future soon.

Matt- Still lightly tethered, but very soon.

Joe- Things are going fantastic. Sales are off the charts and we just spent about an hour with Alison and she gave us so generously of her time and her expertise again and we're just thankful for it. We hope to double once again very very soon.

Matt- Love Alison, love Jared. So grateful. Thank you.

Joe- I'm gonna tell you, you guys. This is the best decision I've made since marrying my wife. Samantha, that's for you. It's phenomenal. So great, yup. Absolutely would do this again 100 times over.

Me- Okay, so here is the secret. The secret of how we made an extra $23,000 in sales. You guys, it's crazy. Just one little tweak, one little secret, made that much money. So here we go. I'm gonna show you how. Okay, so here is the screen of the numbers. We added in just this tiny little postcard with a coupon on it. Here's a print of them. I don't want to show you the back just 'cause there's a coupon code on there and I don't want it to go out to the world as you guys know. But this is the size of them. They're about as big as my hand, so that's a small little postcard, a whole stack of 'em. I just ordered another 10,000 to shoot off to get ready for the holidays because they're converting awesome. Look at the conversions on this. So right here, we put the flyer in the package and we scoot over, number of uses, look at that. Over 1700 people have used this code. Now I did blurr out the code just because this is going to the world and I didn't want the whole world to see it. So that's why it's blurred out. I wanted you guys to see the number of uses on this specific promotion right here, a flyer in your package. Okay, so let's do the math on that real quick. So right here, after they used the coupon code, they spent $13.80 and we times it by the 1735, that was the number of uses, right? And look at this. Ohh, $23,943. That's almost $24,000 in extra sales just by adding a little bit of branding with a call to action on it. So it's a little postcard that says thank you, and then there is a call to action on the back for them to come buy another product, which, that's the simplest thing ever, right? And here's the thing, I got 'em on Vistaprint and the postcard itself costs about three to five cents, depending on how much, how many I buy at the time. Because there's so many coupon codes, so Google, what is it, Vistaprint coupon code, and you guys can get lots of coupon codes and be able to get your branding in there a lot better. This is insane. So the first time I did it, I invested. It was $173 in these little postcards, just to test it out. And then over time I've ended up spending almost $2200 on these postcards and you guys, it brought me in almost $24,000. I think that's a heck of a return. So it's something that you can do really easy, there's a lot of programs out there that will get you your postcards or whatever. Get 'em in there. Get 'em in there now and make it happen because you'll start to see your conversions increase. It's awesome. ♫ Whoo

Me – How do you like the new ride. Grandpa?

Gpa- Yeah.

Me -You like it?

Gpa- Yeah.

Me- Are you ready to go?

Gpa- Nope.

Me-Look at those socks. Kayla, this is one awesome outfit.

Kayla -Thanks.

Me -What are you doing?

Kayla- Packing my scarves. We got orders in the middle of July, which is, like, the hottest month. And they're still buying scarves. If I can sell scarves, you can sell anything.

Me- All right, if you're ready to live the because I can life, then do it. What's stopping you? Live the life. Build your dream business that you've always wanted. There's more information, more links down below for you to find out how to start your business journey and get this thing started and make it a reality. Why? Because you can. Because I can. Join the Because I Can Clan and make this happen. I'll talk to you guys later. Bye!

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