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Mya Nichol, podcast guest

Are You Using Instagram for Your Business the Right Way?

It’s no secret that using Instagram for your business—like an online store or boutique—can potentially bring in new customers. But are you confident that you’re using Instagram to its fullest potential? Or would some tips and tweaks to how and what you post deliver even more impact and results?  Mya

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Katie Meitzler, podcast guest

Building a Family Business Selling Handcrafted Furniture Online

 Katie Meitzler and her husband Addison were looking for a way they could work together as newlyweds. Although they came from different backgrounds, they hoped to be able to have a family business. They wanted to be “hands-on” parents. With Addison’s construction background and Katie’s eye for design, it

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Alison J. Prince chats with Mae Cee and Donna Beavers about how to use TikTok to increase online sales

How to Use TikTok to Increase Online Sales

More and more people are starting to use TikTok to increase online sales, and if you’re not on there, it’s probably time to sign up. But don’t just take my word for it: listen to online business owners like Mae Cee and Donna Beavers.  Mae and Donna both have thriving

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Elise Darma joins Alison J. Prince on the How to Sell Online podcast to give her thoughts on How to Increase Online Sales by Doing Less Work

How to Increase Online Sales by Doing Less Work

“Increase online sales” is a beautiful phrase to someone who’s been in ecommerce for over a decade.  Actually, it’s a beautiful phrase if you’ve been in ecommerce for like a day and a half!  And when you add “by doing less work” onto it…holy cow! It’s like the heavens have

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Olivia Starling is interviewed by Alison J. Prince about how TikTok has changed her business.

3 Tips to Grow Your Ecommerce Store with TikTok

Can you grow your ecommerce store with TikTok?  Well, Olivia Starling—who is a student in my 0-100K System—says absolutely. In fact, she’s doing it with her own business amazingly well.  I feel like I need to be super transparent, though. Even though I have been encouraged to do TikTok videos,

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Learn about Facebook Ads for your online business with expert Bryan Bowman

3 Things to Know About Running Facebook Ads

“Alison, should I run Facebook ads?” and “Alison, can you tell me how to run Facebook ads?”  These are two questions I hear soooooooo often…and for good reason.  Ecommerce and Facebook ads have gone hand in hand for what seems like forever. (Seriously—do you remember a time before Facebook? It’s

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100K Instagram Influencers

100K Instagram Influencers? Talking Strategy

I’m probably going to sound like the great aunt of the internet, but when I started my first online business, Instagram, Instagram followers, and Instagram influencers were not a big part of my life.  (Okay, pretty much ZERO part of my life.) Megan Neugebauer had a different story.  She’d already experienced

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[Image: Rachel Pedersen]

How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Business with Rachel Pedersen

Some people think they have to be everywhere all the time as well as pumping content left and right. However, those same people also usually happen to have a whole social media team behind them. Yep, Rachel busted that myth for us: Those people are not doing it on their own, so no need to freak out if you can’t either.

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