3 Tips to Grow Your Ecommerce Store with TikTok

From: How to Sell Online  with Alison J. Prince

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3 Tips to Grow Your Ecommerce Store with TikTok

Can you grow your ecommerce store with TikTok? 

Well, Olivia Starling—who is a student in my 0-100K System—says absolutely. In fact, she’s doing it with her own business amazingly well. 

I feel like I need to be super transparent, though.

Even though I have been encouraged to do TikTok videos, I’ve kind of tried to avoid them. 

There’s just SO much content on the platform! Can we agree that it’s easy to get lost in the dancing, and animal videos, and life stories and everything else? 

And I definitely don’t want to dance in front of millions of viewers.  

Olivia, though, has been able to crack the TikTok code. What she’s discovered are really great ways that you can grow your business with TikTok—with zero dancing required. 

Here are 3 tips to grow your ecommerce store with TikTok:

  • TikTok Tip One: create real content that resonates with real people. Give potential customers more than just a sales pitch. 
  • TikTok Tip Two: combine TikTok with other social media platforms. According to Olivia, her strategy includes TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. It’s pretty cool what she shares. 
  • TikTok Tip Three: never use content just once. If you’re going to invest time or money—or both—don’t just publish it in one place, one time. You need to get as many eyes on your content as possible. 

In this episode of the Because I Can Life podcast, Olivia shares SUCH good information that I know you’re really going to love. Click on it above to start listening and get her TikTok Secrets here.

If you want to learn about Olivia's successful online business, check it out in this podcast!

In the meantime, here are my Top 10 Takeaways from this podcast episode:

  1. TikTok isn’t just for teenagers anymore. 
  2. Fame or a large following are not required. 
  3. Real content that resonates with real people converts. 
  4. Find trending sounds and consider how to fit it to your business.
  5. TikTok’s ad algorithm is smart and simplified.
  6. Use social media platforms together 
  7. Your CTA (call to action) should clearly ask for clicks. 
  8. Never use content just once.
  9. You can’t predict what will go viral.
  10. Know if you’re ready for ads before you start running them.
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