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4 Things You Can Do to Add Positivity to Your Life and Business

Why is it that some people can go through insanely, super-duper hard things and come out the other side seeing the good in it…while others can only see the hardship?

I mean, what IS IT about that first group that allows them to still be positive?  

That crazy ability they have to smile and laugh when the rest of us would probably be throwing at least a pity get-together if not a full-out pity party?

Well, I don’t have the answer. I dunno if it’s DNA or a super top secret pair of positivity pants they keep in their closets. 

Regardless, I am forever and always blown away by the strength they seem to possess along with an ability to actually ADD positivity to their life, to their work, and to the world.

Like Trinity Luzader, for example. 

Trinity didn’t grow up in a super wealthy home or in a fancy pants neighborhood. And with some high school kids being not-so-awesome, she figured out pretty dang fast the kind of people she wanted to have around her. 

She also had the benefit of bubbly personality—something that she says came from her mom. It came in pretty dang handy later. 

You see, when she was in her mid-20s, she was killing it in corporate America. 

She was leapfrogging up the hiring ladder, getting all sorts of promotions. 

And then she had fall. A big one. The kind that put her in the hospital. 

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Add Positivity to Your Life in Dealing with Setbacks

Trinity’s fall in 2016 resulted in her having a TBI, or traumatic brain injury—a bad one. 

She couldn’t walk, she couldn’t talk—and doctors only gave her a one-third chance of recovery. 

Um…those are NOT good odds. 

But when one of her physicians let her know that things weren’t as bleak as once thought, and that things would get better for her—it gave her hope. 

One morning she woke up and her face was in terrible pain. But when she realized that she could FEEL something again, she smiled and cried with joy. 

Because she’d built a circle of supportive, positive people, she made huge strides in the year that followed. 

Once, she even laughed with friends so hard she had a stroke—certainly scary at the time. But now, she knows that the fun and energy her friends brought gave her energy she couldn’t create herself at the time.

Talk about finding super-sparkly silver linings!

A year after her accident, she was back at work. She was essentially a walking miracle. And what she’d learned throughout her experience about adding positivity to her life  helped her through future struggles, including the loss of her mother.

It’s also played a role in her ability to handle the ups and downs of owning her online boutique, Happy Lily. 

Add Positivity to Your Life and Business

Trinity had a difficult time after her mother passed away in 2019. She knew, however, that her mom would want her to live her dreams of owning her own business.  

She’d been reselling on sites like eBay and Poshmark for years but wanted to open her own boutique. She named it Happy Lily, a nod to her mother’s infectious personality as well as her favorite flower—and boy, did she go to work!  

Trinity had been in business for just over a year when I sat down with her for an interview. She’d quit her full-time job and was just working on her business. She’s learned how to make money even when she’s traveling and has sold over 9,000 hair scrunchies alone!


Throughout it all, she’s been rocking the world when it comes to being motivated and upbeat. 

Here are 4 ways she adds positivity to her life and business (more are in the podcast!): 

  • Choose the people in your circle. Tiffany learned pretty early that surrounding yourself with the right people is a must. They can provide you with energy when you’re lacking, give you moral support when you need it most, and celebrating your successes.  Let them be there for you and be there for them when they’re in need too. 
  • Remember it’s how you react to the things that happen to you that matters. A lot of times we can’t control our circumstances or the things that happens to us. We can ALWAYS control our reactions, though…and that’s what matters most. 
  • Reflect on how far you’ve come. If you’re ever having a hard time seeing the steps you’ve made in live or in work…take a look back. For Trinity, that means reading Facebook posts from when she started her business and comparing them to now. For you it could mean looking at old pictures or reading journal entries. It will definitely boost your positivity.
  • Make a plan to guide you towards your goal. It’s hard to stay positive when you’re not sure where you’re headed. Know where you want to go, why you want to go there, and the steps you’ll need to take. A map keeps you on course and feeling positive about how you’re moving forward.

Trinity shares a whole lot more about her own path and how she injects positivity into every day. So whether you’re a positive person who loves reading about others like you OR someone who wants some help bringing more positivity in your life or business, listen to the Because I Can Life podcast. 

I’m “positive” you’ll love it!  

(Sorry–I just could not help myself.) 😊


  1. You control your future with your thoughts. 
  2. Reject the safety net of fear.
  3. Choose the people in your circle.
  4. It’s how you react to the things that happen to you that matters.
  5. Write positive notes and affirmations for yourself.
  6. Challenge yourself and others.
  7. Reflect on how far you’ve come.
  8. Remember your why.
  9. Make a plan to guide you towards your goal. 
  10. Follow your dreams.

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