$64K in One Day Working With Influencers: Find Out How to Do It.

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$64K in One Day Working With Influencers: Find Out How to Do It.

Cristina Guerra  joined me in a presentation to some of my students a while back and today, we’re sharing her inspiring story and excellent business advice with our podcast audience.  Cristina shared how she's been able to create a successful online business with a product that cost her nothing.  We dove into how to leverage what you already have and how to add value to products.  We are also both huge fans of working with influencers and Cristina highlighted exactly how she has created a successful relationship making her as much as 5 figures in a single promotion with a small influencer.  This step by step roadmap is helpful and sure to motivate you to give influencers a try.  

As Cristina shares her inspirational journey, you’ll recognize the solid fountain you need for business growth, why having a business can bless lives and why you should not delay starting your own business. 

Because this was a live training, we refer to some images that were shared of her product.  You can look at her site for reference to her product, but the idea of the images is that she found fallen palm leaves in her yard after a tropical storm and how she used those to turn them into a very successful product.  

Get ready to take notes and start working with influencers.


  1. Use what you have around you to get started.
  2. You don’t need a professional photographer!
  3. Is there something you have that you can add to what you’re selling that would add value? Don’t waste!
  4. Keep your conversation with influencers casual and do your research.
  5. Keep it simple!
  6. Use the resources you have.
  7. Work should be fun!  It helps you show up everyday.  Find something that lights you up.
  8. Invest in yourself and your foundation to help build your business.
  9. Bless peoples lives with the funds you have.
  10. Don’t wait, just get started.
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