$22K a Month: Balancing Health, Wealth and Time With Online Success

From: How to Sell Online  with Alison J. Prince

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$22K a Month: Balancing Health, Wealth and Time With Online Success

Sometimes when life knocks you down, it’s hard to get back up, right?  Not for Emily Pieri!  She is today’s guest on the podcast and is sharing her inspiring story. Learn how Emily, one of my students, went from deteriorating health and a time-consuming salaried job to health, being home with her kids and replacing that salary. 

Our conversation was packed with invaluable insights on navigating the world of manufacturers, separating what works from what doesn’t, and the pivotal moments that propelled Emily from struggling to thriving.  We spend time talking about how powerful mindset shifts enabled her to persevere through tough times and turn challenges into opportunities.  Emily’s story is a testament to the importance of clarity of goals, balancing money, health and time and finding strength in the face of devastation.  She shared so many practical takeaways on setting up efficient systems, optimizing shipping processes, and ensuring top-notch quality control.  Whether you’re multitasking or on the move, this episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to gain clarity and momentum in their online selling journey.  Don’t miss out on Emily’s transformative story and the actionable advice she shares.  Prepare to be inspired.


  1. No where you want to go so quitting is not an option!  You need to have it very clear in your head so when those hurdles come, you don’t quit.
  2. Find balance.  If money, health or time is declining, it’s time to make a change and focus on that. 
  3. Don’t let devastation stop you.  Let all the bad give you the drive to persevere and keep moving forward.
  4. Look for what you want and it will show up.  If you want success, look for it.
  5. Set up systems where you are and with what you have.  It doesn’t need to be the ideal end goal, just get a system set up and do what you can with what you have.
  6. Get reps in while you’re growing to handle the bigger months ahead.
  7. Drop shipping can give you gray hair! Just don’t do drop shipping.
  8. Don’t hold back because you’re afraid of failing.  If you’re afraid, call it out, dismiss it and move forward.
  9. Pay attention to how much time you’re spending on pre shipment.  If you’re doing a lot of work before you can ship products, find a way to go faster.  You need to spend time creating sales, not all the other fluffy stuff.
  10. Look at how many quality control people/machines manufacturers have. More is better.
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After climbing the corporate ladder in retail for 9 years, Emily decided she wanted to be home with her daughter and be the mom she felt called to be.  She also had a deteriorating health condition and needed to focus on her health.  She made the leap to start an online store, Addie Joy Company.  Through many struggles and roadblocks, she managed to fight her way through them and has replaced her retail salary. She's working towards her goal to grow her business to the point her husband can quit his job and they can work together.

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