What if It Took 101 Times?

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What if It Took 101 Times?

Some of you have been asking about the process of how to write a book. I'm currently trying to figure that out, too, so I decided to talk to someone who may shed a bit more light on it than I can. Bethany Lee was kind enough to share her experience in writing a book and getting it published.

Writing Your Book May Not Be the Only Struggle

Turns out, writing the book may just be the easy part. Bethany Lee tried one hundred times to get her book published. And guess what? On her one hundred and first try, she finally did. Bethany started writing her book ten years ago. She struggled to find a publishing agent to even be interested enough to read it and grew so frustrated that she sort of let go of her dream of becoming an author. Life got in the way as she had children and juggled other entrepreneurial endeavors. 

This continued until January of this year when she was out on a cruise with her family. It was a cruise with Russell Brunson, so the event provided ample opportunities to make new business connections. Bethany Lee went in hoping that she would discover a new business idea but soon realized something great would come from her time in Puerto Rico. On one of the dinner nights, she met Anissa Holmes, who connected her to someone who helped her publish her book with Morgan James Publishing in just three weeks.

Today, Bethany shares her experience of becoming a published author and the process of even writing a book in the first place. Bethany Lee advises people who are struggling to find a publisher for their book to look at other options. We talk about self-publishing, how to leverage influencers for advertising purposes, and why you need to keep networking and talking about your book. 

You never know when you might meet a good connection that will point you in the right direction!

Bethany Lee Decided This Is Her Year

Many people have written 2020 off as just a total bust, but Bethany Lee has done just the opposite. She decided to be open to any and all possibilities, and that's precisely when a book deal fell into her lap. So much of that had to do with her willingness to put herself out there. Bethany Lee mentioned how nervous she was to take the leap, but if it weren't for her amazing self-belief, she wouldn't be where she is today. 

It wasn't the timeline she expected, but she decided to go for it anyway. The work she put in ten years ago increased her luck and opened the door to this exciting opportunity. I'm so inspired by her Because I Can attitude! 

Taking an Entrepreneurial Route

Bethany's publishing deal is a bit different from the standard publishing deals because Morgan James is a hybrid publishing company, meaning that they cater mostly to non-fiction. They are in charge of marketing and getting their books out to stores like Barnes and Noble. In addition to their marketing efforts, the author is responsible for selling a percentage of print books. 

She is eager to step up to the challenge of selling 2,500 copies of her book and is excited to explore innovative ways of marketing it. Because Morgan James typically publishes non-fiction, their writers are better positioned to self-promote because they already have a platform to do it from. 

Her advice is not to be afraid to take the route of self-publishing. It can be a pretty big confidence boost to have a publishing house believe in your work and want to take it on, but it isn't the only way to get your book out there. She recommends leaning into the process fully, no matter what direction you go in. The avenues available to us now weren't even around a decade ago, so it's important to not discredit alternative publishing methods. It may get you further than you ever imagined. 

I love her take on this project. Because she has the opportunity to market her book herself, she can treat it like a full-fledged product. Bethany Lee is truly trailblazing, and I'm thrilled to see all the great ideas she comes up with. 

How to Write a Book

I had to ask Bethany about her writing process. I don't know about you, but the thought of writing that many words is incredibly intimidating. 

According to Bethany, she mostly does all her planning in her mind. She knows where she wants her book to start and ends, so she just sits down and starts typing. Sometimes, the plot just organically takes different turns than she expected. It's not a process that she necessarily suggests to everyone because it leads to a lot of back and forth and may not be the most efficient process.

Her biggest tip is to find time without distractions, whether it be the lure of the internet or trying to find some time away from your children. The more you're able to get into a state of focus, the process becomes a whole lot more fun. 

What Bethany Lee is Doing to Sell Her Book

As we mentioned earlier, Bethany Lee is taking the lead in getting her book sold. So, I had to know how she was planning on approaching the whole endeavor. One of her tactics is to leverage influencers. When it comes to social media, her usage is pretty standard, so she doesn't have a ton of influence yet on her own. 

Bethany Lee has been reaching out to different influencers to discuss her book as well as working to get them in different subscription boxes. She's had a lot of great success with that so far. Her goal is also to spread a deeper message of the importance of self-worth to her readers. If you visit her website, you'll find supplemental materials such as reading guides and discussion questions that go along with her book. Bethany's hope is to join in on conversations regarding mental health and help open dialogue between parents and their children.

My Top Takeaways From Bethany Lee

  1. Are you going to make this year your year? It's not over yet
  2. Networking can change your timeframe very, very quickly
  3. Step into the uncomfortable to grow. 
  4. Do the work to increase your luck when the opportunities present themselves
  5. There are hybrid methods to publishing your book now you don't have to go the traditional way
  6.  The 101st try may be the life-changing one
  7. Consistency is key. Choose a time to write every single day and show up
  8. Take your book and turn it into an experience that other people can enjoy


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