Build a Multi-Million Dollar Business By Following Your Heart

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Build a Multi-Million Dollar Business By Following Your Heart

Last year, I threw an event and had some of THE best presenters come and speak to a group of students. 

They were so good in fact, that our podcasting audience needs to hear them!  So today, we’re sharing a presentation done by Shannon Tripp.  She’s been a guest on the podcast before, talking about working with influencers, but this time, she is sharing more of her journey and how to navigate the delicate balance between motherhood and entrepreneurship.  

She shares the importance of entrepreneurs uncovering the true purpose of their businesses and connecting with their hearts.  She also emphasizes the transformative power of authenticity.  Through poignant anecdotes and relatable challenges, she addresses common struggles such as self-doubt and work-life balance and offers practical insights while highlighting the profound impact of connection and fulfillment that can be found in business.  This episode serves as a powerful reminder that embracing one’s unique gifts and genuine passion can lead to a fulfilling life!


  1. Don’t be afraid to make a change
  2. What you’re doing right now matters
  3. Sometimes it’s hard and that's ok
  4. When you find your WHY you find your WAY
  5. Get out there and help people with your product.
  6. Find work life balance – which “balls” can bounce and which are glass and need to be handled carefully?
  7. Be where your feet are!
  8. We all have the same opportunity to make time for what is important
  9. Setbacks are often set ups to what you’re supposed to do
  10. Connect with your heart and show up
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