Business Lessons from Taylor Swift

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Business Lessons from Taylor Swift

When my girls and I decided to get concert tickets, they had no idea that they’d be learning some business lessons from Taylor Swift. They just thought they’d get to listen to songs they’ve been hearing since they were little while they had some fun with the other Swifties. 

The Eras tour has become a phenomenon—have you had the chance to go? If not, and even if you’re not a ginormous Taylor Swift fan, ya gotta “Shake It Off” and go! You’re really missing out on a great experience. It’s so much fun! 

But like I pointed out to the girls, there are so many business lessons to be learned from Taylor Swift. And I’m not only talking about the kinds of music she’s put out or the different market she’s slayed. I’m talking about ideas she’s blown up in a big way, and that you can use in your (much smaller) online store. 

You’ll see that this podcast post isn’t as long as others I’ve written here on my site. But that’s because I want you to start learning those business lessons from Taylor Swift as fast as possible. 

Top Takeaways

  1. Use influencers no matter how big you get!!
  2. Don’t be the low-price leader.
  3. Create a tribe name for your followers and a sense of friendship.
  4. Use a countdown timer.
  5. Sing about the haters.
  6. Take on the big guys and make new rules!
  7. What will people associate you with?
  8. Decide what you can do right now.
  9. Create money that gives you the freedom to do things and create memories.
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