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From Birthday Money to a Millionaire by Age 15!

So….one of the things that I preach from the rooftops is that you don’t have to have a big “Shark Tank” idea to have a successful business. No prototypes, no proof of concept, none of that. 

But in this episode of my podcast, I’m totally talking about someone who DID go on Shark Tank and who absolutely blew my mind. 

His name is Trey Brown, and he is the founder of the very cool fashion brand SPERGO. And his story had me absolutely jumping up and down for joy. 

Why? Because in my course, 5 day sprint to finding your perfect product, I teach how to find the perfect product to sell online and sometimes that means starting with what you have.

Entrepreneur Trey Brown did just that!! He started with what he had—a whopping $178 in birthday money—and he has built a premium, very profitable brand.

[Image: From birthday money to millionaire]

So many people come to me worried that they can’t start a business they’ve been dreaming about because they don’t have a big, groundbreaking idea. Or because they lack experience running a business. Or because they don’t have the money to start one.

But Trey? He didn’t let any of that stop him. He used what he had (birthday money he’d saved) to sell a product pretty much everyone already owns (tee-shirts).

And then he worked HARD. 

At 15, he is the kind of entrepreneur I love, with a mom I really admire. 

Oh, and in case I forget to mention it, his goal is to be a billionaire—yes, with a “B”—by the time he’s 21.

This kid is an inspiration. I hope you’ll take the time to listen to his story.

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