From $0-$150K Without a Niche: How to Kickstart a Thriving Business

From: How to Sell Online  with Alison J. Prince

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From $0-$150K Without a Niche: How to Kickstart a Thriving Business

Jessica Speirs, from the Product Barn is the guest on this week’s podcast episode and she is sharing her remarkable success.  She’s raked in over $150,000 in sales, with $100K of it coming in just this year, and she’s done it all without a niche! WHAT?!?

I got to dive into Jessica’s unconventional approach and how she embraced imperfection to kick start her thriving business.  From defying doubters to utilizing Facebook groups, Jessica shares fantastic insights on standing out in a crowded marketplace.  Plus, she emphasizes the game-changing impact of hiring help and advocates for time studies to reclaim precious hours that allow her to be creative and grow her business.  Listen now to hear Jessica's journey.  You’ll be inspired and ready to redefine success on your own terms.  


  1. Get Messy!  It doesn’t need to be perfect, just get started.
  2. Push negative thoughts aside and move forward.  Don’t let people tell you what you’re good at. 
  3. Quit looking back.  It’s time to look forward to what you want and work for that.
  4. Use Facebook groups to sell. 
  5. On Facebook marketplaces, look to see what’s selling.
  6. Look at the times there is activity in the marketplace or groups.
  7. Stay in contact with marketplace buyers and show up to serve them.
  8. Differentiate yourself with others selling similar products.  Find ways you can make your product a little better or a little different to increase sales.
  9. Hiring people can change the game! You’re the entrepreneur, you’re the director.  Hire people to help do things that free you up to grow your business.
  10. Do a time study!  Write down everything you do 15 minutes at a time for 2 weeks.  It’s a pain, but it will help you see where you need to hire someone to help.
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Jessica was pregnant with her fourth child when she started Alison's course. A few weeks after that, she was told that there was a 70% chance that her baby would die within her first year and that if she lived she would have all sorts of problems. After a lot of prayers and miracles in between, her daughter is currently a healthy, sassy 4-year-old whose biggest issue is cerebral palsy. Jessica has sold a variety of things but recently settled into a laser cutting and engraving business and is on track to do $100K in sales this year.

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