Get More Sales Online – My #1 Secret

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Get More Sales Online – My #1 Secret

If you have more money in your pocket, then I know you’ll do great things with it.

So each week my goal on the How to Sell Online podcast is to help you to get more sales online so you can go impact the world in a bigger way. This week is no different, and I think you’ll get a ton of value from what we are about to dive into. In fact, if you take action on this, it can drastically change your business.

But before we dive into that, let me tell you a quick story…

Why We Need to Make More Money

But it’s not just about learning how to get more sales online for the sake of getting more money. It’s about the good that you do with that money once you have it.

If you’ve followed me over the years, whether it’s the podcast, YouTube, or in the 0-100k Facebook Group, you know that I rarely share personal stuff that Jared and I do with our money. It’s never felt comfortable for me to share that. In fact, I re-recorded the beginning of the podcast episode about 5 times because it just didn’t feel right. But I think it’s important to share with you so you can understand why it’s important to understand make more money. 

You might remember, in 2019 a huge hurricane came through the Caribbean – barely missing Puerto Rico – and devastated the Bahamas. We didn’t personally know anyone on the island when that happened, but recently Jared was talking with a guy who shared some pictures of a family whose house was nothing more than a concrete slab with a tent on it. 

Since we had the means to help them, Jared, with his big heart, sprung into action and quickly offered to get them mattresses. As the conversation continued, Jared found out that the two boys loved to play the trumpet so he began to look for ways to get them new trumpets.

The gentleman that Jared was coordinating with sent us a picture of him getting 6 mattresses and 2 trumpets on a boat and over to the family. That family ended up sending us a video filled with endless thankfulness.

That’s why you need to make more money – so you can serve more people. Remember, money is good.

How To Get More Sales Online: The #1 Secret

Let’s just dive into it. The #1 secret for how to get more sales online is… drum roll, please… putting more offers out into the world. Yea, probably not as spectacular as you were hoping for but it’s what works. Trust me. 

The first thing that might come to mind is “Oh gosh, Alison is telling me to have a ton of different products that I’m selling.” That’s not it though. How to get more sales online isn’t about more products; it’s about more offers.

I like to think of it like basketball. Maybe you’ve never played, but that’s ok for this analogy; I think you’ll still get it. In basketball, the only way you can get points is if you shoot the ball. If you don’t take the shot, there is zero chance you can score any points – zero, zilch, nada. In business, putting offers out into the world is like taking shots in basketball. 

The more you shoot the ball, the more comfortable you get. The more you shoot the ball, the more likely you are to score. But it all starts with just shooting the ball – aka making offers for your products.

How To Get More Sales Online:  Types of Offers

The dollar-value discount is one of the most common ways to get more sales online, and it’s a type of offer.

  • $10 off for $50 purchases
  • 25% off the entire store
  • BOGO
  • Free shipping
  • Submitting products to marketplaces
  • Releasing new products
  • Retiring products

These are the normal types of offers that you see in most online stores. If you want to stand out though, you might want to spice it up a bit. One that I really like is instead of “Buy One Get One Free”, position the offer differently as “Buy One Ship One To A Friend For Free.” This small tweak totally changes how the consumer is going to view it. There are endless other examples of this, some of which we cover more in-depth in the episode, so be sure to listen if you want to hear them.

Promoting Your Offers

First things first – realize that the old saying “if you build it, they will come” is a myth. When you build it, it’s then your job to make sure the world knows about it. And there are so many ways you can begin promoting your offers. Some of them will be super simple, while others will be more complex.

  • Emails: One of my favorites is an email list. It’s like your personal little ATM machine.
  • Social Media: Post about your products with great pictures.


Now, if you’re sitting there like, “Well, that’s easy for you to say I don’t have either.” Guess what? I didn’t have them either when I started, so do what I did…

  • Influencers: You don’t need a mega-influencer, just target the micro-influencers.
  • Marketplaces: There are tons of marketplaces that you can leverage for your products.
  • Collaborate: If you are in the 0-$100k System Facebook Group, find someone in a complementary niche.  


Don’t expect everything to work but know that there is something that you can learn from each experiment of figuring out how to get more sales online. You’re going to find the one channel that works best for you, and then you need to double down on that.

How to Get More Sales Online: Simplify the Implementation

With all the options for types of offers and ways to promote your offers, your head might be spinning with overwhelm. But it doesn’t have to be. The trick to rolling out new offers is batching.

You want to have multiple offers out there at the same time, but you don’t want to go crazy in the process. What I want you to do is block out time on your calendar, at least 1-2 hours once a month, to schedule out all of your offers for the next 30 days. I want your goal to be 30 offers for 30 days.

The next thing you can do to simplify your offer creation process is to leverage the power of compounding. You’ve heard of compounding interest, right? Well, this is the same but different. If you put out 5 offers and only 2 of them work, then I want you to take those 2 and combine them with the next 5 that you put out. So, now you’ve got 7 offers out there. If 4 out of those 7 work, then you combine them with the 5 again and now you have 9 offers out there. You just keep repeating this process to leverage the power of compounding offers.

If you can start putting more offers out into the world, you will get more sales. But if you never take the shot, you’ll never have the chance to score. Are you going to take the shot?

There are so many examples in the episode that I didn’t cover in this blog, so make sure you go listen to the full episode to get all the goodies.

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