How to Build a Profitable Online Store on Your Own Schedule

From: How to Sell Online  with Alison J. Prince

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How to Build a Profitable Online Store on Your Own Schedule

You want to build a profitable online store, but you need to do it on your own schedule. Is it really possible to balance family and business? 

Jennifer Harris is the mom of five very active kids and the owner of Five Little Things. She’s also someone who has created a successful business one step at a time and has great insights to share. 

Selling a Little Bit of Everything Online

When Jennifer decided she wanted to start selling online, she didn’t have a specific product in mind. Instead, she would just look for anything she thought would make a profit, like at thrift stores or even monthly neighborhood trash days, usually with her children in tow. 

She’d photograph her finds and post them for sale on Facebook Marketplace. (Wait until you hear what genius idea she had after a storm swept through the area! It definitely got eyes on her products!) 

The best part about Jennifer’s process is that she moved quickly and she learned just as fast. If something didn’t sell, she didn’t buy or post them again. She didn’t overthink it, which is something that can hold others back.

Adding a Personal Touch

It was during the 2020 pandemic that Jennifer discovered what kinds of products she was most passionate about: those that are personalized. And that’s how she’s continue to build a profitable online store AND balance family and business. 

It began with creating personalized Christmas ornaments. She’d begun selling and shipping them had a lot of success. Then, like a lot of families, the Harrises went through a job layoff—right before the holiday. That left Jennifer thinking about the kinds of personalized products people would want and need year-round. 

The answer isn’t one you might expect: ties, and you’ll want to listen to the podcast to hear why—and the incredibly unique way each one is personalized for her customers. 

Making an Online Business a Family Business

Jennifer wanted her online store to focus on and involve her family. The name, Five Little Things, gives a nod to her five children, and she’s been incorporating and teaching them about her business as well. Her husband has also pitched in frequently; handling orders while Jennifer is especially busy and when she’s traveling. This balance between the two of them helps her to find better balance between her company and her family.  

Taking Things at Your Own Schedule, Like Jennifer Did

You might think that the moment you start your online store you should start selling products immediately. Or that if you don’t sell thousands of dollars in products a day, you’re failing somehow. That’s what comparing yourself to others can do. 

Jennifer says that yes, she struggled with that a little in her business, but she’s learned the importance of building her own business at her own speed. She didn’t build a 6-figure business in a few months or a year. But as she shares in this episode, she was consistently learning what worked, and what didn’t, every step of the way. That has allowed her to essentially double her sales each year, finally hitting that beautiful $100,000 sales goal. And she’s seeing more momentum each day. 

Most importantly, she was able to continue to be present with her children throughout the experience—and that’s of the greatest value to her in this season of life.    


You’ll be interested to hear what Jennifer shares as tips for how to build a profitable online business—and better balance work and family. She has such a fantastic way of looking at all of it.  

So naturally, I struggled a little with weeding down my takeaways for this episode. But here they are: 

  1. Sell what you can right now.
  2. Sometimes your best ideas aren’t what your customers want, so ask your customers.
  3. Do little things every day.
  4. Snowball your time.
  5. Don’t compare with other people’s stories or results.
  6. Set a timer.
  7. Be consistent at your own pace.
  8. Create clarity for where you want to be in the future.
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Originally from Utah, Jennifer and her husband Trent Harris have spent the last 10 years in sunny Texas with the kindest people and meanest fire ants raising their 5 kids and 2 dogs.

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