How to Find Influencers—and Why NOT to Keep Up with the Kardashians

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How to Find Influencers—and Why NOT to Keep Up with the Kardashians

How to find influencers—really great influencers—is something that all of us in eCommerce find ourselves talking about at one time or another. 

That shouldn’t surprise either one of us, right? 

Influencers have what we need most: the audience to buy the products we’re selling. 

If you go onto Instagram or TikTok or other social media platforms, you’re likely to see actors, athletes and celebrities frequently popping up on your screen. They have MASSIVE amounts of followers. 

You ever heard of Cristiano Ronaldo? He’s the soccer (aka football) star with over 500 MILLION followers. 

Holy heck! 

If your products are anything related to soccer, wouldn’t you LOVE to get your product in front of all of those people? Think how much you’d sell! 

Let’s REALLY dream big. Imagine getting your boujee beauty blenders and brushes, or your super sassy tees into the hands and feeds of FOUR of the highest-earning influencers on Instagram. 

We’re talking Kim and Khloe Kardashian and their little sisters, Kylie and Kendall Jenner. Together, these ladies have over 1.2 billion (billion with a “B”!) followers. What if—seriously—you had all of them post your product on a single day? (Oh, I guess you can go ahead and add in their sister Kourtney and her 200 million followers too. She’s not in the top 10, but I’m sure she charges plenty.) 


How much do you think you’d sell? 20,000 products? 50,000? What if it was 100,000?!

Is your jaw dropping yet?

Working With Influencers: The Outcome

Well, for one brand, the answer isn’t what you’d think. They invested a TON of money. (It's said that the Kardashians can charge millions for influencer deals.) For each of the Kardashians to add a sponsored post to their Instagram feeds, this company got an ROI of


Yep. You read that right. Zero!

How does that EVEN MAKE SENSE?


…the thing is, huge influencers like the Kardashians or Cristiano Ronaldo or Dwayne Johnson can command over $1 million for a single sponsored post. 

But that doesn’t mean that the post CONVERTS. 

The other day I was doing a live training in the 0-$100K Facebook group, and we talked all about how to find influencers that can deliver higher conversion rates than these mega-influencers. 

They’re the people who have fewer followers, but those followers have been with them from the beginning—and will buy almost anything those influencers talk about. 

Oh! And we also talked about working with influencers AND how much to pay influencers. That’s a big part of this! Because instead of those ginormous high-dollar flat rates that the rare-air celebrities charge, they work on a percentage basis. 

Which means…the more purchases their followers make, the more money they make. 

And yay for that! Yay for them making more money (because that means YOU do!) 

When you download and listen to the podcast episode my team created from this training, you’ll hear me share the specific percentages I use—and why. 

But that’s just where start. There’s also a live FAQ session where I answer some of the big questions on online sellers’ minds. Things like: 

  • how to reach out to influencers and get the conversation going
  • the best ways to get out of a sales slump
  • why collaborating with another seller can help both of you boost sales
  • how to get more customer reviews

We even share some of our group celebrations, called #CanWins, with you.

These are things that every ecommerce business owner needs to know, dig in now and then go out and find a new influencer to work with!

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