How to Go From $0 to $100K in a Month

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How to Go From $0 to $100K in a Month

Hiiiiii!! I’m Alison and today, you and I get to hang out with the amazing Sarah Walsh and hear how she went from $0 to $100k in just a month! Yes, ONE MONTH!! 

Sarah is part of our $0 to $100K family, and if you hang around there much, you KNOW how much I LOVE celebrating our “can wins”. It’s a family thing! Sarah has crossed the $100K threshold, and her story was pretty. darn. COOL! That's exactly why I reached out and asked her to come on the podcast today.

Sarah’s story is powerful and inspirational, and I’m certain you’re gonna love it as much as I did when I first heard about it. So tune in now to hear Sarah tell us all about her business, her journey, and how it all started.

Sarah Walsh and Her Start from $0 to $100K

Sarah is part of our $0 to $100K program and she has absolutely crushed it! I actually heard about her from Julie Porter, my executive assistant, when I asked if she’s heard of any cool success stories through our private Facebook group. 

So, here we go with Sarah Walsh’s story!

Sarah and her husband currently run their own printing company, and their niche is homeschooling families. Basically, they print curriculums for families that homeschool their children. Sounds pretty sweet, right?

When Sarah first started this business in July of 2019, she didn’t even have an industrial-grade printer to use. Nope! She used a normal, standard, desktop printer like you probably have sittin’ at home. (You know the ones that sense your panic when you’re frantically needing to print a rush job and decide to quit working). AHH!)

Well that didn’t last long. Sarah and her husband ran into issues and kept having to upgrade their printers. Finally, they decided to just bite the bullet and purchase a big whoppin’ commercial copier.

Sarah's First Commercial Store

Because Sarah has a very niche-type product, she couldn’t just go and post it on Etsy and start selling. So, what did she do instead? 

Sarah says she followed the $0 to $100K System and learned a lot from it. One of the things she learned was how to find her own customers. So, during those first few months, Sarah consistently reached out to homeschooling bloggers and influencers and got them to share about her new business. That is how Sarah started getting her company’s name out there.

During their first year, Sarah and her husband were averaging around 1,000 orders a month. However, by June 2020, they had launched their Shopify site and started averaging around 15,000 orders a month during their busy season (the summertime)! Yes, as you can see, that’s quite the BIG jump!

Sarah was willing to step out of her comfort zone, follow what she learned in the $0 to $100K System, and take risks and it is totally paying off for her!! GO SARAH!

What were the consequences of the changes she's made? And how does Sarah manage the low season? I would answer these questions for you, but I feel like you’d want to hear it from the star’s mouth herself, so give the interview a listen. Promise, you’ll learn a bunch of cool things!!

Top Takeaways

  1. Promotions create sales during a slow season.
  2. Create sales during a slow season by launching a new product.
  3. Set aside money during busy seasons to help support slow seasons.
  4. Memberships help you build die-hard fans.
  5. You will experience failure.
  6. You better not freeze during times of failure.
  7. Don’t be afraid to reach out on your personal Facebook feed for people to hire.
  8. Get your policies in place.
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