How to Increase Online Sales by Doing Less Work

From: How to Sell Online  with Alison J. Prince

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How to Increase Online Sales by Doing Less Work

“Increase online sales” is a beautiful phrase to someone who’s been in ecommerce for over a decade. 

Actually, it’s a beautiful phrase if you’ve been in ecommerce for like a day and a half!  And when you add “by doing less work” onto it…holy cow! It’s like the heavens have opened and angels are singing, right?! 

But…you might be thinking…is it a little too good to be true? 

According to the amazing Elise Darma, it is NOT too good to be true and she’s back on the podcast to talk about all of the reasons why. 

Wanna know what I think you’re going to be SUPER excited about? The fact that when it comes to using one of the latest—and hottest—social tools, you don’t have to have everything look so ding-dang perfect. 

Yep—I said ding dang. But have you ever noticed that when you scroll through Instagram, so many images and videos look beautiful? In some cases…a little too beautiful to be believed. 

But on TikTok? There, you can be a little less polished and a whole lot more yourself. How awesome in that?

Here’s the other thing that Elise underscores: batching work. 

This is a concept I love—and that I love encouraging you to do. When you batch your work, your productivity can go crazy. You can get exponentially more work done, freeing you up to spend additional time on other aspects of your business. 

Are you getting even more excited to hear what she has to say?! 

Listen, the last time Elise was on the podcast she talked about TikTok and Reels, and this conversation takes it to the next step.  I’m telling you—I am so excited for you to get to learn more about all things social and how it can help you increase online sales.

This is one of those conversations packed with great information. Hence, I had to share 13 takeaways for you on this episode.

Top 10 Takeaways from this episode:

  1. Batch your dang work
  2. Decide how many you can be consistent with
  3. Create a production idea board
  4. Stay on your desktop to create ideas
  5. Plan out the words to say ahead of time
  6. Record 8-15 second videos
  7. Do this in 2-hour chunks
  8. Use the Q&A feature about things with your business
  9. Download your videos to to remove TikTok watermark
  10. Post the download to Reels, YouTube Shorts and Pinterest

Bonus Takeaways

  1. Less precious videos—they don’t have to be perfect
  2. You don’t need captions 
  3. Don’t go viral if you can avoid it—you don’t need to!

PS – Did you know that Elise Darma joined us on the podcast to discuss Why You Are Not Growing on Instagram in 2020? The information she shares remains on point, so be sure to take a listen to this one too.

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