How to Make Selling Online Easier

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How to Make Selling Online Easier

Running a business selling products online isn’t always easy. But, there are ways that you CAN make it easier. Dinae Pitcher joined me a while back on the podcast and had some amazing things to share about how to make selling online easier.  We spent some time talking about why TikTok has worked for her, what’s been going great with her e-commerce store, and where she’s had a few struggles. 

This episode was full of surprises, lots of authentic moments, as well as some steps that you can take to make online selling easier.  Who doesn't want an easier way to make money?

She shared so many great things.  Here are just a few of my favorites.


  1. Don’t do everything yourself.  The point will come when you have to have someone help you or you will burn yourself out.
  2. Get the tasks off your plate that drain your time and energy.  Hire people to do the work that drains you so you can focus on the money making ideas and systems.
  3. Raise prices if orders are coming in way too fast.  It can help reduce the number of orders you’re getting if you can’t stay caught up.
  4. Be okay with longer shipping times on custom products. Don’t stress over shipping times and give yourself some flexibility. 
  5. Don’t do business alone.  You HAVE to have support to grow your business!
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