How to Tell Your Story Better

From: How to Sell Online  with Alison J. Prince

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How to Tell Your Story Better

Why am I discussing how to tell your story better? 

Well…here’s the thing: I absolutely love launching and running successful online stores. 

It’s kind of my comfort zone. 

Ditto with helping people create their own online stores. 

What I absolutely do NOT love, however, is public speaking. I know I’m not alone in this fear. 

The idea of standing up there in front of people who are looking at you and waiting for you to share a message they need to hear.  It makes me get lightheaded just thinking about it. 

But I’ve been asked to speak at events and conferences to tell my story about what I do and how others can do the same thing. The first time…was horrible. The second time wasn’t quite as bad. And the third time…I did okay. 

When it comes to telling your story—whether it’s on a stage or on our websites or doing a Facebook Live—can be difficult for anyone. But if we want to serve people with our products or information, we need to try. 

Colin Boyd is joining me on the Because I Can podcast to talk about why. He works with some of the biggest names out there—speakers who inspire thousands, if not millions, every year. He helps them tell their stories so they can serve their audiences in a bigger, better way. 

If you own an online business—or any business for that matter—Colin’s wisdom will help you move it forward.

Top 10 Takeaways

  1. Magic is created in uncertainty.
  2. What we provide isn’t about us—it’s about our customers.
  3. Our message is more important that our fears.
  4. Money is the currency of commitment.
  5. Success comes in genuinely caring for our customers.
  6. People buy a feeling.
  7. Everyone relates to a struggle.
  8. Selling is a doorway to service.
  9. We’re not supposed to stay in the pack.
  10. We don’t sell a product. We sell an identity.


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