How to Work with Influencers and Content Creators

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How to Work with Influencers and Content Creators

One of the biggest questions I get from people who are starting an online shop is how to work with influencers. And it’s a great question to ask, because content creators have made and are continuing to make a huge impact for online sellers. 

That’s why I asked my dear friend Shannon Tripp to come on the How to Sell Online podcast. 

Meet Shannon Tripp

Shannon worked as a pediatric nurse and saw so many things during her training and work. But it was an experience she had as a mom that helped her recognize the importance of helping other parents learn basic medical skills. Her sweet son began to choke, and fortunately she was able to provide lifesaving help to him. 

She’s also become a content creator, or influencer, for a bunch of great brands. But like a lot of fantastic influencers out there, she didn’t start out being well-known. She started out as a nano influencer, and was just happy to receive a free products. 

Working with Content Creators

New or small shop owners can learn so much from what she has to say about how to work with influencers. Find an influencer who’s at the same point in their business that you are in yours. I’ve talked before about how celebrity influencers actually don’t have high conversion rates. But small and nano influencers do! 

A few years ago, when Shannon was still pretty small in the influencer market, she talked about how much she liked a specific brand of vitamins. That company, Mary Ruth’s, reached out to her. Since that time, Shannon has gone from 20,000 followers to over 600,000 followers, and she’s never promoted another vitamin brand. That long-term relationship has been huge for both the company and for Shannon. 

Building relationships has been the key to her success—and I think that’s the biggest answer for anyone who asks about how to work with influencers. Don’t make it a “one-and-done” deal. Sometimes a product might not be a hit the first time that an influencer promotes it. But try another one, and boom! Ya got sales rolling in. 

Take the time to connect, make sure that your brand is right for theirs, and be willing to go a bit above and beyond for them. 

How to get the attention of Content Creators

Now, another question ecommerce sellers want the answer to is: what’s the best way to connect with content creators. In other words, what’s going to grab influencer attention? 

That’s a good question, too. But the answer…varies. 

For Shannon, that answer is a DM. For me, when I’ve been approached as an influencer, I prefer when people email me. It really depends on what each individual influencer prefers, so Shannon recommends doing both.

Most importantly, however, don’t reach out to influencers with a pitch. Just start with an introduction. Leave a comment on their posts or reels—one that shows you’re interested in what they’re talking about. Share one of their posts that you really like and that makes sense of your brand. Be sincere, and they’ll begin to see you.

Influencer results

Now, let’s talk about the kinds of results that influencers can deliver. In the podcast, Shannon shares about her collaboration with a company that creates first aid kids. 

Think about when you’ve told a friend about a product you really like. It could be a sandwich from a restaurant, a brand of makeup, or a type of motor oil. But when they take your recommendation and purchase that product too, you’ve essentially acted as an influencer. 

Now consider that Shannon told 600,000 people (her followers) about the collab and why it’s a great product for parents to have in their home. That’s the reason why, when their collaboration was launched, those first aid kits flew off the shelves—even though these are premium products. They sold out FAST. 

The secret to the success of this product is that it’s a perfect fit for Shannon, as a registered nurse, and her community.  And it’s a great fit for the company, MyMedic. 

If you want to know how to work with influencers, this podcast will give you a lot of great insights…because they come from a fantastic content creator. 

My top 10 takeaways:

  1. Entrepreneurs feel something inside of them to do something to help contribute to the world.
  2. When working with nano/micro-influencers, you don’t always have to pay them, you can do product swaps.
  3. One and done type of influencing doesn’t work.
  4. Build relationships with influencers, and then make them feel special.
  5. Serve first with no strings attached.
  6. Influencers talk to their friends!
  7. Send both DMs and Emails.
  8. Contracts push creators away.
  9. Make it easy for your influencers.
  10. Don’t approach with a bunch of ideas, remember they are the creators.
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