Is Mom Guilt Holding Your Business Back?

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Is Mom Guilt Holding Your Business Back?

Mom guilt is a real thing.

 I’ve had it, and I know a lot of other mothers who have also had it. So often, it comes from our need or desire to work; especially when the job we work is starting and running our own businesses.  

If you don’t know what mom guilt is, here’s a pretty simple explanation: if you’re working on your business, you felt guilty for being away from your kids. And yes, if you’re with your kids, you also feel guilty because you might be thinking or worrying about your business. 

(I’m guessing some fathers also have a sort of “dad guilt” for the same reasons.) 

So I'm so glad, Heather Chauvin joined me on the How to Sell Online podcast to share what she’s learned about guilt from her own experiences. 

Talking Guilt with Heather Chauvin

Heather became a mother when she was young—just 18. She also learned really early on what she wanted to do, which was to support people. Kudos to her for tackling college with a little one and for graduating with a degree in social work. 

Her gift for helping others led her to recognize that we put so much pressure on ourselves. She wondered how we could connect to our kids without feeling the constant pressure of being perfect. Heather said that for her, she was so busy trying to be a good mother, a good friend, and eventually a good wife, she lost the energy and creativity that were always so important to her. 

A health scare gave her a unique perspective on how a lot of us are living our lives. 

Here’s the thing: waaaaay too many of us are on a state of survival. We’re just trying to keep things going, right? And yes, that mom guilt (or dad guilt?) is right there with us. 

Is guilt holding your business back?

What can we do to get out of survival mode and move ourselves (and our businesses) forward? 

According to Heather, we need to move to a place where we have some momentum (don’t worry—she walks through it on the podcast!) With that momentum, we can get to a place where we are beginning to thrive. From there (with a little more momentum) we achieve what she calls “creative abundance”, which is when our buckets (finances, energy, time, health—all the things) are at their fullest. 

Yes, my friend. All of that mom guilt, those feelings of just surviving–we can get past them. We absolutely can live a happier life—and move our online businesses in the right direction. 

Heather Chauvin also talks about how and why we need to have the courage to jump out of them. It starts with how we feel now about ourselves, our businesses, and our relationships–and how our future selves feel and act. (Bye-bye again, mom guilt!)  

I promise that this is a really fascinating and impactful concept—so make sure to listen to the podcast right here or on your favorite podcast streaming device. 

Top 10 Takeaways

  1. We are souls, having a human experience. 
  2. There are 4 levels to how we live our life: survival, momentum, thriving, and creative abundance.
  3. Identify the buckets you want to be full and where you’re at today.
  4. What is the feeling that you want to have? 
  5. Stop being addicted to hard!
  6. We’re not here to play it safe. 
  7. Our comfort zones keep us from moving forward.
  8. The only way out is through. 
  9. Make your comfort zone your worst-case scenario.
  10. Let go of the feeling that is holding you back.  You need it identify the emotion, call it out, and honor it. Ask these two questions: Why are you here and what do you need to feel safe, so you can leave my body?
Additional Resources:

Heather Chauvin:  Heather is a TEDx Speaker, Author of Dying To Be A Good Mother and host of a highly loved Podcast “Emotionally Uncomfortable” with over 6 million downloads. She is a leadership coach who helps ‘successful’ women who are ready to courageously and authentically live, work and parent on their own terms. Heather started her career as a social worker helping adults understand children’s behavior. But it wasn’t until her stage 4 cancer diagnosis in 2013 that pushed her to take a deeper stand for change, uncovering how cultural expectations sabotage our dreams. She has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Real Simple Magazine, Mind Body Green, Google and more. When Heather isn’t working, you will find her living out what she teaches which may include kayaking Alaska, hiking, or anything else that challenges what she believes is possible for herself (and inviting her children along the journey). Life is full of opportunities. It’s time to feel alive.

  • Purchase Heather Chauvin’s book, Dying to Be a Good Mother, on Amazon or wherever books are sold. 
  • Follow her on Instagram: @heatherchauvin_
  • Take the Aligned Life Quiz on Heather’s website, 

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