It’s Time to Turn Your Dreams into a Reality: No More Excuses

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It’s Time to Turn Your Dreams into a Reality: No More Excuses

Back again with one of the AMAZING presentations from a live event I threw last year.  The one and only Megan Pyrah is on the podcast today.  

This presentation by Megan, who some of you may know as pro coach Megan in our online community, was on fire!   She has an ability to light a fire and motivation people and she did just that talking about bridging the gap between dreams and excuses.

Megan helps us to identify our business dreams and what it will feel or look like once we’ve achieved them. She skillfully guides us through the process of identifying and dismantling the excuses that hold us back. She gave the best visual demonstration involving a board that said “DREAMS”, a diaper, and pudding… yep, she related excuses to crap.  And she helps us eliminate excuses that, like unwanted “crap”, obscure the path to success.

It's time to prioritize dreams, say no to excuses, and embrace a proactive, action-oriented approach to achieving business goals.


  1. Don’t let your dreams be bigger than your excuses. 
  2. The Solutions you seek are in the work you're avoiding.
  3. Say YES to you!
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