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Do You Ever Feel Underestimated?|Interview With Jamie Kern Lima

Have you ever been a waitress? Or a bagger at a grocery store? I am so excited to share this week’s interview because that is precisely where our guest started. And you’ll never guess where she is now….Jamie Kern Lima is the founder of IT Cosmetics and sold her mega-popular makeup brand for $1 Billion. Yes, with a B!

You’ve probably seen IT Cosmetics at your local Sephora or even consider it a holy grail in your makeup kit, but I’ll guess you had no idea this coveted beauty brand started as a passion project in her living room. 

Jamie is such an exciting guest, not only because of her accomplishments, but because she embodies everything we love about the Because I Can mindset.

She faced rejection after rejection. Jamie had no experience or connections in the beauty industry, and it seemed that every step forward was like pushing a boulder uphill. And she didn’t let any of it stop her.

She took those rejections and held on to her vision and listened to her gut, and the results have been nothing short of amazing. Jamie Kern Lima shares some of the lessons she’s learned along the way and what to expect in her newly released book. 

Tune into this week’s episode to hear what some self-belief and authentic living can get you!

Jamie Kern Lima

The “Setback” That Pushed Jamie Kern Lima Forward

Before becoming the founder of one of the most popular beauty brands globally, Jamie thought she had found her dream job. She was a morning news anchor and completely loved her job until a debilitating skin condition entered the equation.

Jamie Kern Lima began dealing with Rosacea, and it completely overwhelmed her. Her face would break out in big red splotches, and any makeup she tried would struggle to cover it. 

She remembers getting messages in her earpiece telling her to wipe her face during live broadcasts and the feelings in her chest when she knew nothing could be done.

She had tried every foundation and concealer she could get her hands on. And none of it could combat her skin issues. Fed up and out of options, Jamie decided to take it into her own hands and make a product that would help her and hopefully other women out there too.

Mind you; she had no training or experience in the makeup or beauty world. But she felt deep inside her that this was something she could do and be successful at, so she got to work, and really the rest is history! 

Don’t Let ‘No’s' Stop You!

Jamie Kern Lima is no stranger to rejection. Her entire career has been littered with a series of no’s and slammed doors and what’s so amazing about Jamie is she didn’t let ANY of it stop her. When she set out to start her brand, she had no leads or guidance as to what direction she should go in. 

So she just started doing her homework and researching. She knew the first thing she would have to do is find a manufacturer. So she started calling the different companies she saw at Sephora in the hopes that they would divulge information on who their manufacturers were. 

Now, let me preface this to say that that kind of info is usually kept hush-hush in the beauty industry. That’s how those companies keep skin in the game and ensure their product is exclusive and unique. 

Jamie knew it was a long shot, but she kept calling anyway. And brand after brand hung up the phone on her until one company didn’t. And someone actually gave her the information she had been looking for. It was probably a total accident on their part, but for Jamie is was a giant blessing. 

She got to work and started building the brand but guess what. The rejections were just beginning. The next hurdle was to get someone to buy her product. She pitched her heart out just for every company she met with to say no. Until one fateful day, QVC gave her the chance of a lifetime. 

This was her one shot to prove to the world that her vision could help so many women. She didn’t have the capital to fail, and she put everything on the line in the hopes that it would pay off. 

Jamie Kern Lima And The Power Of Authenticity 

Want to know how to make sure your brand stands out from the crowd? Hint: It’s YOU!

Jamie’s first big break was on that fateful timeslot with QVC. She knew she wanted to connect with women like her and that the way to do that was through authenticity. Instead of using perfectly airbrushed models for her segment, she found models who varied in age and had different complexion issues. 

She wanted the viewer to be able to relate to what they saw on screen. And this decision was such a leap of faith! The people at QVC told her not to do it. It just wasn’t the way products were typically sold. 

But she knew she had to be true to herself and her brand, and it totally paid off. She sold out of EVERYTHING during that segment. And she’s kept the spirit of authenticity ever since that moment. 

I love Jamie’s story so much because it’s no different than any of ours. Sure, maybe our goal isn’t to sell our company for one billion dollars, but that doesn’t make our journeys any less impressive. 

She’s a true testament to never underestimating yourself. Because you are capable of SO much! 

Don’t ever ever forget that!

Top Takeaways

  1. Setbacks are your setups.
  2. Find the ‘why’ underneath the ‘why’. That will be your driving force to keep on going!
  3. Share your real story!
  4. Business creation can come from very unique places.
  5. One yes can change EVERYTHING.
  6. Your products can’t sell if no one knows about them.
  7. Learn to turn down the noise before it drowns out what your instinct is telling you to do. 
  8. It will be a yes one day, believe that it will be a yes.
  9. Rejection is God’s protection.
  10. You can’t fake authenticity!

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