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The 3 Steps To Make Your First $100K- Interview With Jill Stanton

Catch, Cancel, and Correct.  This is one of those episodes that is just going to BLOW YOUR MIND. I am so glad to have my good friend, Jill Stanton, on the show today. She recently moved to Puerto Rico, and we've started hiking together and let me tell you…those hikes are some of the most empowering moments of my day.

I wanted to share that goodness with you all, so today, Jill is sharing her advice on what it takes to become a massively successful entrepreneur. Her input has been massively life-changing for me, and I know you guys will love her as much as I do. 

On one of our recent hikes, we talked about the top three things stopping people from making their first 100k in their business and how to get over those mental roadblocks. 

Because if there is anything I've learned from Jill, it's that we can do anything. Yep, even those dreams you have tucked in the back of your mind are within the realm of possibility. You have to dig it out and believe it. 

Don't miss this episode because I promise it will be one of the best ways to start your new year!

Jill Stanton

A Bit About Jill Stanton

Jill Stanton is one half of Screw The Nine To Five and the founder of Millionaire Girls Club. Keep an eye on this one because she's launching a brand new podcast in a few days themed around a lot of what we talked about in today's interview. 

She has been building businesses with her husband since 2012 and they've done some amazing work but the truth is even Jill has dealt with some of the doubts that the rest of us have. You know that icky feeling when we compare ourselves to others? 

Well, it's time to kick that to the curb because it is getting you nowhere…fast. Jill was doing that with her own husband. She wasn't as structured as him or logical, etc., and she allowed that comparison to rob her of the amazing gifts she does have.

And now that she's finally turned that messaging around, Jill is totally crushing it, and we can't wait for you to do the same. 

It's all about keeping a growth mindset. Which is so, so hard. We're conditioned to fear growth, but amazing things happen when we actually decide to step into it. And you are so deserving of that greatness!

That First 100k

So you're here because you want to know how to make that first 100k. What's the secret? The strategy? The formula?

Well, it's pretty simple, actually. And it all starts with your mindset. That conditioning we were just talking about. Yeah, it goes wayyy back to how we even conceptualize money. Maybe, you grew up thinking that making money is somehow evil or wrong. That all wealthy people are just greedy monsters.

I want you to think about how that may hold you back. I know you're not an evil person looking to bleed people dry. So let's start by understanding that money is a tool. We completely assign its value, not the other way around.

To make that first dollar, you have to BELIEVE you can do it. The same goes for that first hundred and thousand and so on.

The Three Steps You Need to Take

#1: Radical Responsibility

Jill Stanton strongly believes that this is one of the most influential and common traits in successful entrepreneurs. You are responsible for your experiences in life. You get to decide how you show up. You are in charge of your response. 

When you fully understand this concept, then you'll realize that you are the only one holding you back. You'll finally see how much power you have in your own life. 

And I know changing your belief system is no easy feat. To get started, it's important to build your awareness muscle of acknowledging your current beliefs. It can be uncomfortable to create this kind of awareness. 

#2: Thought Stacking

Have you ever compared yourself to another entrepreneur online? Maybe for you, that looks like she's younger than me, or I should be further ahead by now.

 Or she makes it look so easy. Or she looks better than me. She's smarter than me. She has a bigger team, she comes from a better background, she makes more money, she has a bigger audience. Honestly, the list is ENDLESS!

It's the place where you just keep thinking negative thoughts over and over, and it starts to build so much momentum that it feels like you're spiraling. Jill calls this thought-stacking. That first negative thought builds on another, and the vicious cycle continues. 

It's the reason that thinking positively can be so difficult because we've trained ourselves to do the opposite. Negative thoughts are just so much more impactful than positive ones. So the key here isn't to just try to think more positively but instead limit negative thoughts.

Catch those thoughts and acknowledge them for what they are! They don't serve you. Release them!

Catch, Cancel, and Correct!

#3: I Am Statements

Don't just start lying to yourself. Your brain won't believe it. Instead of jumping into just telling yourself that you're a millionaire, tell yourself that you are getting better at handling finances. Or that you are on your way to experiencing wealth. 

Top Takeaways From Jill Stanton

Jill Stanton is just filled to the brim with wisdom. Let's touch on the top takeaways that she shared with us!

10. We are not taught in school to think like an entrepreneur. It's something that we must learn. 

9. Growth feels uncomfortable.

8. How you respond is the result you will get. 

7. Thought stacking spirals can paralyze you.

6. You become the person you believe you are.

5. Don't say it out loud. Catch it before you say it.

4. Catch, Cancel, and Correct.

3. Watch your I Am Statements.

2. Money is a tool. 

1.Do you play to win or play to not lose?

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