Making More Money & Growing Your Business: Hot Seat Edition

From: How to Sell Online  with Alison J. Prince

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Making More Money & Growing Your Business: Hot Seat Edition

I’m taking you behind the scenes today to gain exclusive access to transformative insights for your business as you get to listen in on four riveting hot-seat coaching sessions with myself and Pro Coach Megan.  

Hot seats are something we like doing in our community.  It’s a quick live and interactive coaching session where the business owner can ask for help and we can give live feedback and then the community that’s listening can share advice as well.  You’ll hear that in just a few minutes of talking, each guest walks away with a couple of things that their specific business can do to improve.  The best part is that even though we’re talking about their business, anyone listening can turn on their business ears and get help for their own business at the same time!  Win win!

You’ll hear that each entrepreneur is facing pivotal moments in their business.  You'll also hear actionable advice about everything from just getting started and how you can collect emails to working with influencers and optimizing your revenue systems.  

Be ready to elevate your entrepreneurial game with these real-world takeaways that can propel your business forward and help put money in your pocket sooner.


  1. Consider selling packs instead of single products.
  2. Listen to what your customers want.
  3. Raise your prices.
  4. Get your store launched, it doesn’t need to be perfect.
  5. Find influencers that will want to sell your product.
  6. Figure out what problems you’re solving with your product.
  7. Just get started.
  8. Collect emails!
  9. Focus on where you’re making money before starting to sell a new product.
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Connect with Guests:

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  • Ashley’s website- is not currently active
  • Stephanie is still working on a website.
  • Ambers Etsy store: The I Love Jesus Shop (use code CLAN25 for 25% off an order of $20 or more for a limited time)

Connect with Alison:

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