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3 Myths about Money

Money is the one subject no one wants to talk about, yet it's on each of our minds. It's just kind of an uncomfortable topic. It feels kind of awkward to talk about it. I think so many people feel that way because there are so many myths surrounding money. We're conditioned to believe that money is an inherent evil and not something we should want to attain. 

And it gets even more awkward when you become an entrepreneur. Suddenly, the money conversation becomes vital to your business's success, and all of the hangups we have around it begin to impede our progress!

Today, I want to share with you some of those myths. Because I think it can help you start considering different thoughts about it and why you actually deserve it. 

Money is a good thing and can be such a great resource, and I think you should have more of it!

Get ready for the top three money myths because I'm going to bust them so you can be on your way to earning more!


You Can't Be the Low-Price Leader

If you've been having thoughts like, ‘I need to be the lowest price out there', ‘I can't charge for that just', or ‘nobody's gonna pay for that', we're going to start kicking those thoughts out of your head right now.

I feel so passionately about empowering you with the truth about money because I so clearly remember being on the other side. I remember feeling those exact thoughts. And let me tell you, it is no fun. I know what it's like to be hesitant about charging fair prices or feeling guilty about making money and the scarcity mindset that comes along with it. 

Having the lowest prices around doesn't mean you're offering the highest value. It means you are selling yourself short of what you actually deserve to earn. You can't help most people if you're burnt out from acting like the bargain bin. Know your worth, and treat yourself accordingly. 

The Three Myths Around Money

Myth #1: Money is evil, sinister or bad

I was actually talking to a friend about two months ago about it. And he truly believed that money was 100% evil. He said, as soon as people get money, they go bad and that he'd seen it over and over again. 

I thought about that for a long time. And I'm like, is it evil having enough money to be able to buy other people food? I don't think it is. Is it evil to be living the life that I'm proud of? To be able to come home and take a breather, so that I can heal from just the stresses of life so that I can come back and learn how to serve my people more? 

Myth #2: Money is hard to Get

You want to know what's hard? Cathy Heller taught me this one. Walking through the desert. 10,000 miles on your knees. That's what's hard. You want to know what else is really hard? Roofing. Jared was a roofer. He went up to the top of houses to put shingles on a house when he was in high school in bajillion degree weather. That is hard.

Online stores? We're sitting at a desk with air conditioning. It's work, but it isn't hard work. Money is an indicator of value put out into the world. Not hard work. 

Myth #3: Spending is Money is Bad

How many of you have ever felt guilty about spending money? Like you buy something, and maybe you're hiding it from your spouse? Or maybe you buy something, and then you have this buyer's remorse? Right? Okay, let's talk about how there's two types of spending out there. Number one, you spend on crap. Do you want to know where the wealthy spend their money? They spend it on learning investments, and they spend it on learning how to make money so that they don't feel guilty when they go buy things on a credit card because they've got the money to pay it off!

Change Your Money Mindset

This is a big one. Back in the day, I was one of those intense couponers. I spent hours and hours clipping and flipping through mailers and filling binders up with coupons galore. I really thought I was doing my family a favor by saving fifteen cents on laundry detergent. After all, those cents add up, right? 

It wasn't until my brother noticed my extreme saving ways and called me out on it, that I came to my senses. He made the point that if I spent half as much time looking for ways to earn money instead of saving it, I wouldn't need to scrounge the cushions for coins and only buy meat on Tuesdays. 

The difference? It's mindset. I was living in a state of scarcity, but where I needed to be was living in a state of abundance. Money is all around us. You just have to go out and grab it!

Now, this mindset shift doesn't just happen, and then all of a sudden all of your hang-ups are gone. It is an intentional decision to consider a different perspective. I went from relying on the media I consumed growing up that taught that money is evil to learning about real-life individuals who were doing amazing things with their earnings and changing lives for the better!

I hope I was able to help get those gears turning and help you think differently about your relationship with money. You have BIG things to accomplish and so many people to help. I don't want anything to hold you back!

Top Takeaways

  • You're the one that gets to decide whether you're next
  • Money is good because it's a resource to help you to do really good things
  • The third one is to stop learning to save money, and instead, start learning how to create money
  • Humans are experts at creating drama around money. 
  • Do not try and be the low-price leader and give your stuff away for free or almost free to where you make nothing. 
  • Your thoughts around money is what gives you results. It makes you more of who you are
  • Money holds the value on products so don't give it away for free 
  • Free stuff offers no value to people
  • You have to go down before you can go up.  Just like the seed, just like the bird

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