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Why Authenticity Is the #1 Business Hack

Have you ever sat back and really considered the amazing gifts your business has provided? In the spirit of gratitude, I want to take a moment and just be thankful for the opportunity to build businesses. This week's guest was just a beautiful reminder of what amazing things creating a business can do in our lives and our community.⁣ I enjoyed chatting with Ruthanne Haupeakui, owner of the online boutique, Leina Shine, about why it's essential to stay true to yourself when building a business and how you can make massive sales through Instagram, even with a smaller following!

Ruth has always had a passion for skill for building business. She spent many years helping surgeons build and run their private practices and loved the hands-on work of entrepreneurship.

I think all along though, she had a feeling that there was something else out there for her.

How Ruthanne Haupeakui Got Into E-Commerce

Ruth got into the e-commerce game five years ago, helping her sister run her business. After that business stopped its operations, she took a break from her entrepreneurial drive and went back to helping build private practices.

But the business bug finally got her again, and Ruth decided to dive all in with a clothing brand aimed towards other moms in her community. She loved fashion but struggled to find clothes that made her feel beautiful AND fit the demands of being a busy mom. 

If she was going to create anything, Ruthanne Haupeakui knew she wanted to reach out and help other women like her. 

Moms who were busy chasing around little ones but still wanted to be cute doing it and women who wanted to feel sexy but also appreciated dressing modestly. And she wanted it to fit a wide range of sizes and body shapes.

Ruth quickly discovered that her business was so much more than just selling clothes–she was selling confidence!. 

Along the way, Ruth has uplifted so many people around her and has discovered so much about herself. 

I can't wait for you guys to hear all she has to share! (Oh, and because Ruth is so generous she is sharing a special discount with you! Use code: Shine40 for 40% off anything in her store.)

Only You Can Be YOU

Maybe you've experienced something like this…

You've started your business and are brimming with excitement for all the great ideas you have planned. In an effort to get a bit of inspiration, you decide to scroll through the social media of similar businesses, and suddenly the feeling of excitement turns into…something else entirely.

Now, you're a bit anxious. That business has tons of followers on Instagram, and their feed looks so polished and clean. Or, this business has such an advanced website, and maybe their products seem better than what you have.

We know all about those nasty doubts that can come in and rob you of your joy! And Ruth is sharing exactly why you need to kick them to the curb. Because there is no business like yours and you deserve to feel proud of all that you're accomplishing!

When Ruthanne Haupeakui started Leina Shine, she was filled with anxiety about everything! She thought her models needed to look a certain way or that she'd need to have a certain audience following her. She was worried about reaching out to influencers and what her audience would think about the mess behind her when she went live.

Well, along the way, Ruth realized that all of the “imperfections” that she was stressing over were the EXACT things that drew her audience in. They could relate to Ruth and her life, and they could see themselves represented through her business.

That's when she realized that one of the greatest gifts she could give her customers was the gift of authenticity. There was no need to perform or imitate any other business because staying true to herself was the solid foundation of what she was building and growing!

Ruthanne Haupeakui's Advice For Other Business Owners 

Ruth's number one tip for new business owners is to get super clear on your avatar. Figure out exactly who you're selling to. Ruth took it a step further and even named her perfect avatar. That way, she always has her customer's interests in mind and is ready to serve them in the best way possible. 

It's okay to start out with just one platform. As new business owners, we tend to feel the pressure of getting our name out there and doing it by making sure we're present…EVERYWHERE. What's more important is building an engaged and dedicated audience. That takes work and attention, and sometimes it's best to focus on one platform at a time to make sure you're doing your due diligence. 

Finally, she doubles down on authenticity. Always be true to yourself. For instance, Ruthanne Haupeakui would hire models just to consistently never use those photos and just go with the pictures of her and her family. At the end of the day, your business should reflect what matters most to you! That's what helps build a trusting relationship with each and every one of your customers.

Top Takeaways From Ruthanne Haupeakui

  • You really can make money in your sleep!
  • She didn't tell anybody what she was doing. The only opinion she considered was her own.
  • Have you ever felt like you are just a follower sometimes? And maybe you don't quite know how to be a leader. Well, guess what, you can switch your role, you can become the leader in your business!
  • The first time you go live on an Instagram or Facebook story is gonna be scary. And that's a normal feeling.
  • Technology helps us know what our customers want! So use them because they're free tools.
  • If you don't have the Instagram swipe-up feature quite yet, because you're not at 10,000 followers, have no fear! Publish it over on Instagram stories, add a link, then your customers can click on that head to your shop and buy your product. 
  • Trying to be someone else is a sure guarantee of failure!
  • Recycle your content!
  • It is not about the number of followers you have! It matters about the number of customers that you are truly connecting with. 
  • And finally, the number one takeaway is that staying true to yourself is hard. But you can do it!

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