Secrets to Etsy Success: Tips for Boosting Sales with eRank

From: How to Sell Online  with Alison J. Prince

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Secrets to Etsy Success: Tips for Boosting Sales with eRank

I love when I find tools that help grow my business.  But even more than that, I love sharing what works!  On this podcast episode, I got to dive into a powerful Etsy-selling secret: eRank.  This tool was developed by guest expert Anthony Wolf.  He originally created this tool to help his wife sell her products on Etsy and it has now become a game-changer for thousands of Etsy sellers worldwide.  eRank provides essential insights, from trend tracking to keyword research.  Anthony highlights three key features of eRank that accelerate Etsy sales and shares tactical tips to help dominate the platform and increase your sales.  Listen in now as we embark on a journey to Etsy success with eRank as a secret weapon.


  1. Find information about your product.  If it’s not selling, ask why.  Compare it to other products in your niche.  Is it seasonal? Is there something off in the economy?  Dive in and compare and then adjust.
  2. Serve and then watch it develop.
  3. 3 Favorite eRank Tools – trends, keywords and competitor research.  Use them!
  4. Look for signs of life. If the products are selling, don’t invent something new.
  5. Competition is a good thing, embrace it. 
  6. Use the listing helper like you would a self driving car. Keep your hands on the wheel. Don’t let AI do everything, you still have to control it.
  7. Don’t make things for you, make things to serve your customer.
  8. Get those 5 star reviews!  Don’t be afraid of asking for or getting reviews.
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Anthony Wolf co-founded eRank in 2016.  eRank provides Etsy sellers with a comprehensive suite of online tools to help them discover what products shoppers are looking for, optimize their product listings, and stay on the leading edge of the latest trends. eRank offers a free plan for new sellers as well as paid options for more advanced Etsy sellers. According to top website-traffic analyst SimilarWeb, eRank is the No. 1 Etsy SEO site. To find out more, visit

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