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12 Success Stories You Can Lean On

Are your excuses bigger than your dreams? Or is your dream so big that you’re willing to work through those excuses? Only you can answer that question for yourself, but I am here to help coach you through it! This week, I’m crushing any excuses you may have about starting an online business and offering twelve success stories to show you how it can impact you and your community.

Are your excuses bigger than your dreams?

Megan Pyrah

The truth is, overcoming your doubts and fears and stepping into your dreams of running an online business has the potential to completely change your life! As we start this new year, I wanted to make sure you aren’t letting any of those pesky excuses hold you back from living your best life. 

We’ll be diving into the top twelve excuses I see and offering you a story of success to prove that those fears you have are really only true in your brain. So if you’ve ever told yourself that you don’t have enough time, are worried about having a small social media following, or have no idea what to sell, then be sure to tune into this episode of success stories.

Because we are going to kick those fears to the curb!

success stories

Going From Excuses to Success Stories

#1: You don’t know what to sell

The first success story I have to share is about a gal named Katie Evans. She started out having no idea what to sell but, after the 5-day Sprint finally decided that home decor was her product. Now, let me tell you that she started her business right around March, so just when all the chaos with COVID was beginning. 

Throughout the rest of 2020, I kept up with her progress, and even with all of the craziness of the year, her business was succeeding! From March to June, she made over $300K in sales! And she closed out the year making over 3.4 million. 

So how did she achieve that amazing success? Because she didn’t have any excuses. She didn’t let her husband switching jobs, her grandbabies, having surgery, or not knowing what to sell keep her from chasing her dream. 

And she was rewarded for that faith in herself! 

I know what you’re thinking after hearing about Kati’s success. Well, she must be a unicorn. That can’t possibly be me. 

Well, you know what I think? I think everyone is a unicorn. Because I’ve totally seen it! I’ve seen people who should have been stopped by excuse after excuse go out and do amazing things. So I know for a fact that you can do it too.

#2: You don’t have the right product

Next, I’m going to tell you about Trish. She started the 5-day Sprint with over 300 pounds of wax. Yep. I don’t know why or how, but I can’t judge because we all have stuff piling in our homes that is kinda hard to explain.

Anyway, instead of taking all that wax to the dump like she originally planned, I helped her turn that wax into cash. And she made $1K from something that was just on its way to the trash!

#3: You’re not like everyone else (and you think that’s a bad thing)

You might remember Ruth from Episode 61 of the podcast. Definitely go check out her story if you haven’t already! But to sum it up, Ruth has a gorgeous curvy body and set out to start an online boutique. She originally set out to hire other Instagram influencers to promote her brand because she thought people wanted to see bodies like the ones that were flooded on her home page.

Except, they didn’t. It wasn’t until Ruth started doing her own IG lives that she found her true audience. And all of a sudden, she was making a thousand dollars just going live and being herself. People wanted to see HER because she was unapologetically different from the norm. I love it!

#4: You feel stuck making homemade products

Maybe you started your business making something homemade but lately have been left feeling kind of…stuck. So many people feel like they have to stick to where they started, but the truth is that you can pivot in any direction you want!

That’s what Lydia did. She started out making her homemade product, but soon her heart’s wish switched to starting an online children’s boutique. So she listened to her desires and she WENT FOR IT. And now, in 2020, she’s made over $200K doing the new thing she loves to do.

#5: You’re afraid to put yourself out there.

Being an introvert doesn’t mean you have to stop doing what you love to do. You can start a successful online business and not have your face plastered everywhere. That’s what Misty is doing and so far she’s made over $10,000 doing what she loves and being her introverted self!

#6: Your location isn’t ideal

You can be successful and live anywhere…even a small island if you want! Christina is my neighbor in Puerto Rico and also a coach on the 5-day Sprint and she had nothing to sell when she moved to this island. She started networking with locals when she moved and worked out a deal with a secondhand shop owner!

I love that she didn’t let any excuses stop her from moving towards her goals!

#7: You don’t have enough time

Katie Oliver didn’t have enough time to start a business. She was a busy teacher but knew she had a good product and enlisted the help of her family. They’ve made over a million dollars in sales. And they didn’t have the time…

#8: You have a small social media following (or none at all)

This was something Alexis was seriously worried about. But she didn’t let that stop her, and she’s gone out and leveraged the help of other influencers. With zero online following, she was able to make $50K in sales.

#9: You are a perfectionist 

Bev is a perfectionist. She thought she needed to have the perfect logo, website, and color design. Luckily, she listened to advice and just put her product out to the world and has made almost $150k in sales!

#10: You feel like you need a second job instead

Ronisa’s student loans were piling up to the point where it seemed like a second job would be the only ticket to get her out of a financial rut. She instead decided to lean into her talents and started an online store and to date has crossed over the $100K mark!

#11: You think you have to sell expensive products

This one is so untrue! Wendy from Episode 56 of the podcast has sold $5 glitters and has made over $200K doing so. Yep! You don’t need a fancy and expensive product to make the big bucks.

#12: You feel like you won’t make an actual impact

I wanted to end with this one because I don’t think people realize how BIG of an impact their online stores can make. Mariana was so nervous to launch her jewelry business, but she went for it, and the results have been nothing short of amazing.

Her business has even given a failing marriage a second chance. If that isn’t an impact, then I don’t know what is!

Go Out And Crush Your Excuses With These Success Stories

I hope this list of success stories has given you a renewed confidence that you don’t have to be held back by your fear and excuses. Go out and do amazing things because your clients are waiting for you!

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