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The 5 Stages Of Growth | Are You At #3?

stages of personal growth

What's It About…

You've got your business set up and you're running, and then you start to feel like…

“Oh, maybe this isn't for me” when you have your first setback.

Or “Maybe I should try something else.” when your product doesn't start flying off the shelves.

These are common to EVERYONE who has started a business – trust me.

At some point, we've wondered why it seems so easy for everyone else as you start scrolling through Instagram.

Well, I want to give you the big picture to help you see where you're at now and help you answer not only those questions but some of the other questions you might have about why you're feeling the way you feel, so that you can see where you're at and, more importantly, where you're headed.

Okay. Now, if this sounds a little confusing, I promise I'm going to break it down so that you understand.

I’m going to talk about the five stages of growth in this episode. 

Like I said in the last episode, you don't have to be a natural-born entrepreneur to be successful in life, you just have to be self-aware and scale through the 5 stages of growth so you can become the person that you desire to be, making the impact you know you can.

I think this episode is going to give you some massive ‘aha' moments and help you start feeling calmer with where you're at in your journey as I outline the 5 stages of growth.

Key Takeaways:

  • At times, we forget what we're doing; we get frustrated with ourselves ([2:34])
  • The five stages of growth: What stage do you fit in the best? ([4:33])
  • No. 1: Awareness phase; knowing that something is about to happen ([4:42])
  • No. 2: Bliss phase; this is where thoughts and ideas start coming together ([5:37])
  • No. 3: Reality phase; you realize that this takes a whole new skillset ([7:27])
  • No. 4: Mini win phase; it still requires a focus ([12:01]
  • No. 5: Success phase; it doesn't light up our brain and boredom sets in ([14:02])
  • When we start to get bored, we begin to go to the aware stage again ([15:04])
  • The majority of people quit in this stage ([17:22])


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Read Full Transcript

00:00          You have this idea in your head and you're thinking that you should probably start to do something about it. Well, I want to give you the big picture to help you see where you're at and help you answer not only those questions but some of the other questions you might have about why you're feeling the way you feel, so that you can see where you're at and you can see where you're headed. Okay. Now, if this sounds a little confusing, I promise I'm going to break it down so that you understand.

00:31          Hey, you're listening to Because I Can Life podcast, where we believe we can decide our own income, choose happiness, kick fear in the teeth, and never ever stop. Why? Because we can. I'm your host, Alison J. Prince, and I went from being a junior high science teacher to building four online, multi-million dollar businesses, with four kids, at my feet each week. I'm bringing you real conversations that have led me as well as other experts to step into our dream online business lifestyle, so that you can get the answers you need to prep your "Because I can" as well take that first step and commit now to your "Because I can" life by downloading your free personal bundle at You are listening to Episode four: The five phases of growth. I am so excited to talk to you about this today. Now, I just put my kids in bed about a half-hour ago and so, you might hear some weird sounds in the background, and it's not my kids.

01:37          It's actually some little tiny frogs outside called coqui frogs, and it's a very interesting sound to hear. They're very loud outside. And so I just wanted to tell you what was going on. I actually live in Puerto Rico right now and these coqui frogs have been very calming and soothing at night until I sat down to a podcast and realize that they might be loud. So we're going to invite the coqui frogs onto this podcast with us. All right. The reason why I have been so excited to talk about this topic is because I actually think it's going to answer some of your questions as I talk to you. As I was writing out the notes on how to present this to you, the five phases of growth, I had some major aha moments, and I feel like sometimes, we forget what we're doing, and we actually get really frustrated with ourselves, and I think this episode is going to give you some massive aha moments and help you to start feel a little bit more calm with where you're at in your journey.

02:51          So let me back up a little bit and ask you if you've ever had any of these questions or even had any of these feelings. So the one about ina on, you're on your journey, let's see, you've got your business set up and you're running, and then you start to feel like, Oh, maybe this isn't for me or maybe I should try something else. Or you begin to wonder why it seems so easy for everyone else as you start scrolling through Instagram, or what about the time you're really excited about something and you couldn't sleep and you just couldn't stop talking about it, or the complete opposite and you're finding it really hard to feel motivated and to keep going. And then another one, you know, you should probably start something and then another one, you have this idea in your head and you're thinking that you should probably start to do something about it.

03:49          Well, I want to give you the big picture to help you see where you're at and help you answer not only those questions but some of the other questions you might have about why you're feeling the way you feel, so that you can see where you're at and you can see where you're headed. Okay? Now if this sounds a little confusing, I promise I'm going to break it down so that you understand. All right, so these are the five phases of growth. Now I want you to think about something that you've tried, something that has been new to you and as I give you these five things, I want you to think about where you are at in your growth. What stage did you fit in the best you can take your business for example, or you can take raising your kids or you can take the cooking class that you just enrolled in.

04:42          All right? So number one is the awareness phase. All right? This one is about knowing that something is about to happen, whether you're becoming a little bit bored in life or whether you're watching one of your friends and getting inspired or maybe it's just a timing thing. So for example, we knew our daughter was getting ready to drive. She was 15 years old wanting to get her permit and this stage of her life was happening. So we became aware that, Oh my gosh, we're going to have a teenage driver soon. Or maybe you're having this feeling like, Oh, maybe I should start a business, or you know what? I want to start a podcast. It's that moment where you are aware that something new is about to happen. All right, so we've got the awareness phase is there. There's something there. Number two, the bliss phase.

05:38          All right, let's go back to the example with my daughter Makayla. Learning how to drive. This is where she starts dreaming of driving, right? She's watched the cars movie so she feels like she's got this, she's excited, she's motivated to learn this new skill and so Jared, my husband takes her up to the church parking lot and you can just see you're grinning from ear to ear. This is the super exciting phase where all the thoughts and ideas start coming together is actually what might keep you up at night with excitement and you start to gravitate towards looking up those topics online because they excite you like remember when you started your business or about to start a business, how excited you are. All the dreams of changing lives and money and all the goodness that comes with running a business. It's fun, right? That's why it's called the bliss phase, but some of your actually going to have a hard time experiencing this because you've convinced your brain that learning to try something new is not possible.

06:45          I remember when I was first hearing about Facebook groups and I was like, Nah, I've been in those. I was in a van. But then I learned how vital it was to keep my students updated and so I decided to find out why people actually love them so much. I dove in with the excitement and now I can truly say it is one of the best decisions that I've done for my business. I love Facebook groups. I get to connect with my students in a way that no other platform has allowed me to do and I'm so glad that I led this bliss phase B, just that bliss. And I didn't teach her on that. No, I'm not going to do thought. I jumped all in and I was super excited about it. And then dive into the third phase, which I call the reality phase.

07:33          So this is the part of the new skill that you want to learn. So let's go back to Makayla’s story. She's got her keys in her hand. She's sitting in the driver's seat with a big old smile on her face, right? She takes her foot, she pushes on the gas to accelerate, and she pushes all the way down. She pushes way too hard. The car jumps forward. She screams at Jared scream, some random dog comes barking, bounding out, and Jared has to lean down with a strong firm arm, take her leg off the gas and put it on the brake. And this is when Makayla sits back in the car and realizes she doesn't know. She doesn't know. She's realizing that this takes a whole new skillset and the fear and the confusion start to sit in, okay? Now think about where you're at, whether it's in your business or whether it's in this new hobby that you're starting and you're starting to fill those same things that Makayla felt trying something new like driving the car, right?

08:43 There are two things that you need to help you get through this reality phase. The number one thing is you need a teacher like Makayla needed a teacher to learn how to drive the car. Her teacher was Jared. If you are in a business and you're doing it on your own, if you don't have a teacher, a coach, a mentor, a group, your odds of quitting at this stage are so much greater. You need someone to help you take off your foot off the gas and put it on the brake. If you're going in the wrong direction, having a teacher, someone to guide you along the business journey is going to bring you so much comfort to know that what you're feeling is actually pretty normal. The second thing that June need to get you through this phase is to know what your brain is doing.

09:38          Your brain’s job is to keep you safe. It wants to go back how it was stepping into this unfamiliar territory that is new. Your brain doesn't like that. It wants to stay as efficient as possible and you learning new things that it has to think about is going to try and come up with all the logical, illogical things to get you back to where you were. And it's gonna try and talk you right out of it, but you have to keep going. It is absolutely necessary to stink and be terrible at what you're doing the first time around, and this is where most people quit. They quit because it's uncomfortable. And I want to ask you right now, is this was a year at in your business, is this where you have those thoughts in your head and you're thinking, maybe this just isn't for me, or man, that person over there, they just seem to come so natural for them.

10:45          Why do I struggle so hard with it? Well, you know what? If you are feeling those things, this is the phase that you are in. It's the reality phase, and I'll be honest with you right now, this podcast, I'm on episode number four. This is still really new for me. I'm in the reality phase. I'm learning that I don't know so many things. I didn't know about podcasting, but I know this is the process. I didn't realize how hard it was to put a podcast together. I just thought people talk. But when you start putting in show notes and footers and outros and intros, my brain was like, what are you doing? No, go back to being safe. But I know the process. I know which phase I'm in and I'm hoping to get to phase number four by the time the podcast goes live. And I'm telling you right now, if this is where you are, don't quit.

11:45          You can't quit. You've already come so far. This is you training your brain and telling your brain that you deserve this. And then you move into what I call the mini win phase. So phase number four is called the mini-win phase and the mini-win phase still requires a focus. Like now, Makayla is comfortable in the car, but when she's driving, maybe she has to keep the music down or she tells the people in the back seat to stop talking so that she can focus. She feels more comfortable. She's having these little mini wins, so she's building the confidence, but it's a lot of mind management. Now in this phase, your brain is still trying to talk you out of learning this new skill because it wants to stay efficient. You're going to start feeling like, I just don't want to do it.

12:43          I don't want to go post on Facebook today to grow my business. I don't want to create another sale. I just, I just don't want to do it. And then this is where you say, okay, my brain's telling you they don't feel like it and that's okay, but I'm still going to do it anyway. This is where you train your brain to know that you are going to be consistent with it day in and day out and you're going to keep going and you have to promise yourself that you will not compare yourself to others. Now, like I said, by the time this podcast launches, I hope to be in phase four, I'm going to be reading your comments. I'm going to be getting in the groove. I'm going to get some mini wins. And honestly, I think I'll, I will stay here for a little while before I go on to phase number five and because I'm watching my journey because I know what step I'm in because I know what I'm supposed to be feeling at each phase.

13:42          It gives me the confidence to know I'm headed in the right direction. If I was still feeling blissful at this moment with every little thing, then I know that I haven't gone through the reality stage. Right? Like this is the map to show you where you're at to your success. Diving in to phase number five. That's what I call the success phase. All right, so this is like Makayla, she's in the car now. She's driving to Walmart. She drives back and she gets home and I'm like, Hey, how was your drive? And she's like, Oh, I don't even remember. Have you guys ever done that? Like you are driving the same path. Maybe it's dropping your kids off at school or going to the grocery store and you get home and like you don't even remember driving the car or you crawl into bed at night and you're like, Oh, did I brush my teeth tonight?

14:29          And you're like, Oh, I did. But it is such a habit in our head and our brain is working so efficiently that we don't have to think about it. Do we know to go grab the toothbrush, put the toothpaste on it, and scrub our teeth, right? It's become a habit. We do this without thinking and our brains like, I got this, I'm good, I got this now. It's a wonderful place to be in. And we all strive to get to the success phase until we're there. Because once we're in the success phase, it doesn't light up our brain and we start to get bored. And what happens when we start to get bored, then we start to go to the aware stage again. So if it was Makayla driving, maybe she's thinking now, ah, I'm kinda bored just going to Walmart. Maybe I'm gonna figure out how to get into the Daytona 500 right?

15:21          And then she goes back through all five phases again. So maybe if you're in your business right now and you're like, I'm just kind of bored with this. Maybe it's time to do something new. Learn some new marketing skill, learn a different type of product. Learn how to collaborate with others, things that start lighting you up and getting you excited. Because when we go through these five phases of growth, we grow. We have to go through these to be able to be better than we were yesterday. So what I want you to do is look at where you're at right now. Are you in one the awareness phase, knowing that something's happening, but you're not quite sure what it is yet, or two, are you in the bliss phase? This is where it's exciting. You feel like you can knock this out of the park, or are you in the reality phase where this new skill, this new thing that you wanted to do is starting to put a little doubt in your brain.

16:29          You're starting to get a little freaked out, you're starting to get a little bit uncomfortable. Are you in that one or are you in a phase number four with the mini-wins you're seeing a little success here and there. Or are you in the success phase? You don't even have to think about it anymore, but you may start feeling a little bit bored. Now you can look at these stages at certain parts of your business and even in life I'm at the reality stage with cooking. I am absolutely terrible with cooking and I'm okay with it. My kids are struggling a little bit, but I feel like I've hit that five with business-building multiple times. And so that's why I keep doing these other businesses is because I'm like, I don't have to think about that anymore. I want to try something new. And then I go right back into the five phases of growth.

17:22          And that's how I've been able to build different businesses on different platforms. And I'll tell you what, right now, if you are willing to go through number three, the number three phase where the majority of people quit and you are okay with being terrible at things because you know that that's the phase you're in, you have a much, much greater chance of succeeding. Okay, so what I'm going to do, I'm going to assign you some homework. Can I assign homework on a podcast? I don't know, but I'm doing it. I want you to leave me down below in the comments what phase you are currently in right now. Like I said earlier, currently, I'm in phase number three while I record these podcasts. You guys know I'm open with you. I will be moving to phase four after I launched the podcast in a couple of weeks. And then number five, I'm coming for you. I'm going to get to the success phase and I'm pretty darn excited about it. Alright, thanks so much for listening in. I'll talk to you guys next time.

18:32          Hey, thank you so much for listening to the Because I Can Life podcast. Do you have a question that you'd like me to answer raw and uncut on the podcast? All you need to do is head over to Apple podcast and do three simple things. Number one, leave a rating and review and tell me what you think of the podcast. Number two, in that, review, ask anything related to your lifestyle business, and number three, if you want to shout out, make sure to leave your Instagram handle or your name, that's all. Then just listen to hear your question answered. Live, raw, and uncut. Don't forget to join us next time on "Because I Can" podcast. We'll see you then.

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