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The Best Daily Planner for Ecommerce Entrepreneurs

So is saying that the Because I Can planner the BEST daily planner for ecommerce entrepreneurs bragging? 

I really hope not.  I’m not into the whole braggy thing. I swear. 

But I DO believe that if you are an ecommerce entrepreneur, you’ll want to check it out. 


Because I’ve been in ecommerce for 10 years and I have tried pretty much every planner on the market. And none of them worked for me.

(I pinky-promise that I gave every one of them a solid try—and some of them DID come close.)

[Image: The best daily planner for ecommerce entrepreneurs]

It’s just that the daily or monthly planners I found didn’t have “all the things” I needed.  That’s why I made my own a couple of years ago. It’s got goal planning, monthly and daily planning, life balance stuff, dreaming…pretty much the stuff I always wanted, all in one place. 

And according to Alix Trabucco, it’s helped her too. She’s an ecommerce ninja that I met in June of 2021, and she has put the planner to work for her. And…

…if that isn’t enough, her high school-age kiddo, Chase, has done the same thing—yep! He is an entrepreneur and has been since he was practically a toddler! How much do you love that?

Both of them are using this planner to stay focused, build their businesses, and keep their personal and family time a priority. 

So is the Because I Can planner the best daily planner for ecommerce entrepreneurs? 

Find out for yourself. Listen to this episode of my podcast to hear what Alix has to say.

Top 10 Takeaways

  1. Involve your kids in your ecommerce journey.
  2. Make serving part of your business.
  3. Set achievable goals (and then hit them!)
  4. Keep power hours sacred.
  5. Have a positive morning mindset.
  6. Plan work time AND family time.
  7. Avoid overwhelm.
  8. Make planning a habit
  9. Use your planner to keep everything in one place.
  10. Look at your accomplishments at the end of the day.

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