The Secret to Online Store Success

From: How to Sell Online  with Alison J. Prince

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The Secret to Online Store Success

If you’ve ever wondered what the secret to online success is when it comes to starting and operating an online store, this episode is for you. 

Today I’m joined on the Because I Can Life podcast by Kim Henrie, whose ecommerce journey is one that anyone can learn from—no matter what they plan to sell in their online store. 

Kim had a big, BEAUTIFUL goal and vision for what she wanted to offer her customers. But as you’ll find out, she started small and grew her online store one step at a time to allow herself to learn the ins and outs of launching an online store. 

I have to tell you that while I might sound pretty chill in this description, when I was talking with Kim I was so dang excited! 

The information she shares is EXACTLY what people who are new to launching and running an online store need to hear, including: 

  1. The kind of products you should start with—and where you should start selling. 
  2. The next step to take once you have the money to invest in your business.
  3. How to prepare for inevitable “hiccups.” 

She also talks about her online store and why she chose to start the business she did, the talents she gets to put to work every day —and how she’s helping kids stay comfy while helping to reduce the number of products headed to the landfill. 

Top 10 Takeaways:

  1. Start small, and sell what’s easily available
  2. Use marketplaces while you’re learning
  3. Create a basic website (you can always improve as you go)
  4. Let setbacks become learning moments
  5. Take small steps every day to make things work for your online store
  6. Set at least one goal that’s not tied to sales
  7. Invest the time needed to find the right manufacturer
  8. Have backup plans for manufacturing
  9. Understand the “why” and the heart of your brand
  10. Learn to adjust to trends while staying true to you


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