Where Are They Now? 6 How to Sell Online Guest Updates

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Where Are They Now? 6 How to Sell Online Guest Updates

The How to Sell Online podcast has reached a big milestone: its 200th episode. And for this big event, my team gave me a day off! Jen works on the podcast with me, and she reached out to 6 of our popular podcast guests to find out where they are now and get an update about them and their profitable online businesses. 

Guest One: Megan Pyrah

First up on the podcast is Megan Pyrah, who has built multiple businesses with her family. One of those achieved the wow-worthy seven figure mark before they sold it to another family. 

What’s she doing now? Well, she’s now known as “Pro Coach Megan”! She explains what that means and why she’s on a quest to bust a bunch of online business myths. She also tells you what the big “game changer” was for her—and why it can be a big one for you too.

Megan’s first podcast appearance: How She Did 6 Figures In 7 Months

Megan’s recommended episode: More Than a Teacher’s Annual Salary in a Single Day

Guest Two: Laura Hutcheon

When I interviewed Laura the first time, I pretty much fell in love with her story. As I celebrated back then, she just decided to try. Too often, we let ourselves be afraid of taking the wrong step…so we don’t take any of them. But Laura jumped in, let herself be kinda bad at something, and learn from it. The result was a super successful company that she ultimately decided to sell. 

Laura had already started a second company when we talked the last time and was crushing it yet again. In this update, she talks about surpassing over half-a-million dollars in online sales—and the principles she incorporated to do it. 

Laura’s first podcast appearance: Her Six-Figure Online Business Started with Old Pallets

Megan’s recommended episode: How to Build a Multi-Million-Dollar Online Business

Guest Three: Maria Simpson

Something that people tend to worry about a lot when they’re just starting their online business is whether or not their product is “saturated” in the marketplace. Maria Simpson has built a company largely on selling t-shirts, which is arguably one of the most frequently sold products online. Not only that, but she’s done it using print on demand, working with a print company to fulfill orders as they come in—meaning she doesn’t have stacks of inventory sitting in her house or in a warehouse. 

When she was on the How to Sell Online podcast last time, she’d been in business for a year and had almost hit her first $100,000 in sales. Get ready to find out where her sales are today, how she’s dealt with one of the things all online business owners fear, and what she does to keep her customers coming back to buy more products. 

Maria’s first podcast appearance: Finding a Niche to Drive Online Store Success

Maria’s recommended episode: She’s Sold Over $450K Online (So Far!) with Print on Demand

Guest Four: Trish Gower

Do you ever think that you can’t start your own online store because you don’t have the money? Well, then you have GOT to listen to Trish’s first interview on the podcast. She built her business from the ground up, and she started by selling something she had laying around her house. I adore that story, because that’s exactly how I got started too! (So you can do the same thing, I promise!) 

Trish joined me on the podcast before we’d even hit a hundred episodes, and before she’d hit her first 6 figures. Now we’re at our 200th episode, and she’s pulled in over $400,000 in sales! And she’s done it selling something that will probably surprise you…and you’ll be surprised by what she says is her key to success. 

Trish’s first podcast appearance: Are You Sitting on Product Worth $1200?

Trish’s recommended episode: Does Cutting Back Lead to Higher Sales?

Guest Five: Bev Schweigert

Believe it or not, this marks Bev’s FOURTH appearance on the How to Sell Online podcast! She also joined us when we celebrated the 150th episode, and I’ve interviewed her twice about her own online selling experience. 

Bev struggled at first because of one thing: perfectionism. (Maybe you have it too?) She worked on her website for MONTHS, doing and then redoing every little thing repeatedly. But when she finally just launched it, sales came rolling in. Her sales increased again when she refined what she was selling, and then started sending out solid offers to her customers. 

In 2022, she pivoted in her business, Blessed be Boutique to reach her customers in a new way. The result? Increased connection and…you guessed it…more sales. But that’s not all that’s happened in her online store. You’ll want to listen to find out what’s been happening! 

Bev’s first podcast appearance: From Starting an Online Store to Record-Breaking Months

Bev’s second podcast appearance: The Real Cost of Success with Bev Schweigert

Episodes recommended by Bev: 

Building a Family Business Selling Handcrafted Furniture Online

Selling 6 Figures Online in Just 7 Months by Building an Email List

Guest 6: Ronisa Clark

Raise your hand if you—or someone you know—has had to face the reality that hits the moment your student loan payments begin. Yep, me too. And it was student loan payments that led Ronisa Clark (one of the BEST people you will ever meet!) to join the 0-$100K System clear back in 2017.  

But it wasn’t instant success for her. She tried a lot of different products and a lot of different sales methods. But she learned something from everything she tried, so when she finally hit on what would work for her. She also learned that consistency was so important for her…and that having a support system in the form of her husband was critical. 

When Ronisa first came on the How to Sell Online podcast, she’d hit about $15,000. Wait ‘til you hear where she is today, and where she’s heading next! 

Ronisa’s first podcast appearance: What to Do When You Hit a Dead End

Ronisa’s recommended episode: Feel Like Quitting? 11 Reasons Why

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