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We got Flagged! + $30K

Getting Flagged on Shopify “Okay, I’m going to show you something that is so exciting that you probably won’t be able to sleep tonight.” Hey guys, I’m so excited to share three things with you today. One includes our Shopify account getting flagged because we sold too much in too

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One Little Thing = $23,943 + Matt and Joe

Increasing Sales With One Little Thing It’s crazy to me to think one little thing (one little thing) could bring in an extra $23,943 in sales.  So crazy, in fact, that it was the focus of this video.  Can you imagine what that extra chunk of change could do for

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$13K + 3 Days + 3 Tips

How to Sell Trending Products Online $13K + 3 Days + 3 Tips I am so excited to show you this….so many good things are in this video that I’m so excited to share with you! Russ and Katie just told us they are now making over 6 figures! Lindsey

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Selling $1619.10 in 3 days! + a Track Meet

Selling $1619 in 3 Days Why do I get so excited geeking out over numbers and sales? I think it’s because it’s because others are making this a reality too.  Kerri, just let me know she pocketed $500 dollars her first week.  Whohaaahaa…Imagine me trying to say that word!  How

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Turning $20 into $200+

Tween Online Business Owner A lot of people tell me they don’t have a lot of money to invest into product.  I honestly just think that’s another excuse for hiding behind a dream.  Get out there and MAKE money so you can live your dream!  Stop the excuses. My 12-year-old,

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How We Made $42 Dollars an Hour (on Vacation)

How We Made Money While on Vacation How we made $42 bucks an hour. We did it while on vacation in Maui too!  Why?  #becauseican and so can you!  A baby swaddler and a beanie hat turned into some fast cash while we were zip-lining, eating fish tacos, and just

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LBS: Gross Sales: $4.567.41

The Little Black Shirt Sales: $4500+ Let’s get started with the selling realization. If you take this idea or any of the other ideas that are posted here on, and sell it, I can’t guarantee you’ll make the same amount.  You could make a heck of a lot more

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